Giuliani: Mueller probe not a legitimate investigation

America’s mayor and president Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani how are you by the way I really hate that you have that ring that is a Yankees Championship World Series ring New York City where they want I want for my tickets on StubHub there’s no second meeting here it’s highly unlikely I always have to leave the option open as a lawyer in case they come across with something I really started to feel some of the things that we feel are important a long talk with John down today but I believe it coming original party of the investigation I thank John for all the cooperation you gave them because he puts us in a position where we don’t have to cooperate we gave them answered every question and now they look in the streets for Friday God bless us you said maybe you would let him answer a few limit of questions on collusion but then I don’t want to give them the false impression that given some of the revelations in the last 3 or 4 weeks we’ve been tripping further away from the idea of answering any questions from them we don’t think they have YouTube investigation you think they will subpoena Divas are going to be unconstitutional fight putting on the Supreme Court when I was mayor and I want my own chasing the sprinkler when I ordered it and I have one of the best Supreme Court was nice states with me you know I’m safe it’s just say we got the better part of the argument you have the fact that four months ago they have no particular they have everything taken example hey babe hey guys you either Believe it or you don’t believe it but don’t think we’re suckers and we can you put that on the road and you’re going to believe a lie told me or one of the other line and Robert Mueller Winston I’ve of the day before he got the special counsel job call me as more discredited then then anyone in this investigation against the president that I know you’re trying to trap them in the freezer do you see what happens if a sample what happens we go to Supreme Court at least find out if you can vote Republican it was withdrawn it’s never been inside but we will have a case where they call first impression find out but then we have cases of lesser officials that were subpoenaed and documents that was subpoenaed to ask because you always have to show particular eyes to need if you have to show a particular I need for a Commerce Act real for president tell me the particularized need to lose on that they’re going to say we want to hear what he said about when he said about 20 that if you want to wrap them with a perjury charge when you couldn’t bring a regular charge against the president Martha Stewart who did Martha Stewart Jim Carrey wait what about the sdny this is one of you work there they’re good they really good at what they do CFO of the Trump organization a thousand reason I’ve been through and are lawyers have been through including our washing Warriors and or New York or we’ve been through every one of the document States given us nephew every document related president Trump has whistle claims in that investigation that’s why we quickly wave the privilege and the minute that first conversation between calling in the present where he secretly recorded the president and lie to him and then pretty much out of the bar I mean the legal bar he said he he Fusion hiding his is a tape recorder or Andrew Weissman who is Ben excoriated yes I’d cases reversed he’s been experiencing 404 Merrill Executives went to jail for years and that window by Bob Morgan I was close to the line given the better for you the Clinton Foundation get on that team how did how did how did the dial get 36 around the Democratic Party he doesn’t care about appearances what’s the Barefoot I really do like the right from glad you had to pay for it though I just
President Trump’s attorney and former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani goes on ‘Hannity’ to discuss the special counsel’s probe.

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