Giuliani reflects on 9/11, blasts de Blasio’s tenure as NYC mayor

Giuliani reflects on 9/11, blasts de Blasio’s tenure as NYC mayor
Giuliani reflects on 9/11, blasts de Blasio’s tenure as NYC mayor
In-Studio today, Rudy Giuliani, everything to everybody here knows how you feel about the beer, no reviewer. If you took a young lady to 14 year old girl, the water to see the the museum last week – and I thought they wasn’t going to be that emotional – it was just going around walking around kind of brings back to you as I’m sure they will remember. It brings back to you things, you forgot, you know people, you saw things that you saw so yeah, but it’s wonderful to be here with us. Country through and she goes to a very good school. So she knows history, which is like one of the exceptional kids. Now September 11th, is he on this in the very back that someone told me to go and listen to? If you can, because the tour guides, don’t really take you in this direction, you can listen to a phone call of a man that was on the plane, saying goodbye to his wife and leaving a message on their answering machine. What’S up, I had that day and a report of put up her hand and said to you plane going into the Pentagon talkin to her husband, the solicitor-general, and it was the first time I really lost it. We had been there. We’Ve been trapped for a while. We got out, we all did it automatically. The reason was that was that was that was the Barbarossa New York to promote it, and we had a nice visit in the mayor’s office and it was filled used to the fact that Father Judge was gone want to make sure. I got it right at all to be like Joe Biden, I can’t help it funniest jokes. President Bush got in the car President Bush at that point, but even probably fire. I think we sold about 500 or 600. What what’s the difference that was horrible and the President Bush always remember that the next time you saw him about 10 days later at a firehouse Thomas. Here we are on the verge of being 18 years after 9/11. There, a lot of people are Young Americans. Do not really know the story, they knew something bad happened. General Strokes, it’s good. If you move past it, it’s not good. If you forget it, as is this two things I mean it’s like it’s like the death of somebody. You love chicali, a catastrophic death, not a natural death like very older.. David wants a child or you lost a husband or a wife in middle age that you don’t get over it, but as time goes by the pain you put somewhere to deal with it, my mother and father, my father has been gone 30 years and it hurts Me and I’m over the acute pain, but if I think about it, I think I’d like to have more other words the thing that caused. It will be solved that case Japan, Germany, Italy, other people who killed us, then that movement is still alive and if it’s killing us today, terror attack killing people everyday inside a random trying real hard to kill people outside of racket. Fission example in the middle of South America, terrorist groups, Islamic terrorist groups and the triangle that wouldn’t that would involve Ecuador. It would involve Venezuela, Paris in Venezuela, which is one of the reasons we have to get rid of the Doro D’oro. We think of Majora was just being a problem: isolated, they’re, hostile regime like that and saying resume like that this today. So for us, all of our dreams came true in this city. These are the men and women that are working streets to keeping us all safe. In the city and when I was living in South Carolina growing up – and I would watch you on TV during 911 – I was in local reporter. I came up and you invited an elementary school from the state of South Carolina. They were so proud of that. We reported on local news and I got a chance to visit Fox News and to go on the on all the media circuits with you, and I was just in awe and now I’m living my dream and I watch Mer de Blasio on Tucker ensure last night. Sean Hannity few weeks ago and listen, I’m a Christian. I love everyone and I love him, but I don’t love what he’s doing for this city and it worries me mere de Blasio in the direction of this great City. To do that, I didn’t think I could do it. A lot of my friends told me I couldn’t do it. The governor has a very popular mystery wants very popular. I used to be the US attorney and I had name recognition in 1995 %. The state is easy to elect a republican Governor than there is some of my best friends play. I was an idiot to run, I couldn’t win and if I won it would be a disaster cuz. The last Republican mayor John Lindsay had to flee the Republican party and was pretty much not successful. It’S an exceptional today, there’s none like in the world and she just man breakdown, not only what I did with Bloomberg. Yet I mean Bloomberg and I don’t see eye-to-eye on politics, but I thought it was a very good year differently than me, but he kept. I need turned over. smoking, something because of the irresponsible comments that he made before the slaughter of Ramos and Liu to two wonderful police officers who were assassinated. They weren’t killed in a shootout Baltimore to New York City. You look at the conditions of the street. Look at the homeless City. It was gone damn about people, because if you give a damn about people, you don’t let him wait on the street. If you had a brother or a sister, and you got a call tonight and you were told their living on the street, what would you do? What would you grab them and try to get them to get treatment and make it impossible to be on the streets are not for living changes? We figured out that she’d. Have you know? Toilet should be not on the street because it creates disease Angeles. What do you think those people do on that street get a chance to sleep tonight and will be somebody there who will value? What you and find out do you need a place to live very small percentage? Are you an alcoholic paranoid schizophrenic with some form of mental illness at about 40 %? What happens to a paranoid schizophrenic on the street? They become isolated, they become removed from reality, if you’re, a Christian, if you’re a Jew with your Muslim and if you’re, not even religious, to get love people. When you see a person on the street, you should say this city doesn’t have a very good night. This person Street, I saw a homeless person in this morning about an hour and a half ago, tattoo right over here in 48 hours going to get worse, starting to come off and the way you can see it is quality of life. Homelessness is a great indication that some of the some of the squeegee men of comeback, small number back a sign of a city moving in the wrong direction, says that when you let small things go they get bigger and bigger. You also create a sense of no rules. No Boundaries and kids grow up in that, and then they have no respect for. Why do you think that police officer, which is one of the saddest things you see that that that video that went viral a month or two ago, with the water being thrown on the police officer, just like this, to be able to control the natural human response To respond right, like I did remember, there was a shooting and they wanted me to they wanted me to get suspended. I want to just fire – and I said no, no, I am not a lawyer and prosecutor they’re presumed innocent and there are questions about the space they were not guilty. Just because it makes you popular or you can suck up to some idiot fire. These men got you. If I respond to this idiot just threw water on me. I can lose my job. I can lose my income a roomful of First Responders today. What’S your message to them, so I get great credit for turning the city around and I always realized. I have a lot of humility about it. Cuz. I realized that you’re, the people that did it the other people to put your lives on the line. Not me, I got her time. I tried to be the first one there and I tried to be the first one there not because I wanted press. I tried to be the first one there, because I knew if the mayor showed up you’d get better treatment, because somehow the best doctor shows up when the mayor shows up turn to the hospital to see hospitals. Iran stock is better show up, and I did that to my family always done with my family and you’re part of my family sometimes 4 in the morning 5 in the morning, and I never considered it anything great I was doing, but these are the people that Have to be honoured all the time, and it’s not just for them. It’S the young people. Every time there was a great thing you did save the baby took somebody down from a building that my straight of assistant met Terry Hatton because he came to City Hall. So up and getting medals they fill him up. Terry was in my office three times in the first year I was met once he went down into a hole and took somebody out the next time. What up on the top of the building and took someone out Rappel down and the third time I show up and there’s somebody inside trying to pull a firefighter out that was injured, get the medal ready for Terry is a certain kind of thing. You have to deal with with firefighters, they showed on brave, run in, and you got to try to keep him back on the police officer. By having a difficult day, I tried to make a big deal out of it. Furbabies police officers help old. Ladies police officer run in also not thinking about. Oh, my gosh, the building is falling down. Maybe maybe maybe you know some people tell him to do it now in the last couple of months that he’s got 2 days.
Former New York City mayor and personal attorney for President Trump Rudy Giuliani speaks out on the ‘Fox & Friends’ live audience show. #FoxNews

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