Global climate strike: ‘We won’t stop striking till we have great measures’

Global climate strike: ‘We won’t stop striking till we have great measures’
Global climate strike: ‘We won’t stop striking till we have great measures’
What is where the demonstration kicked off? The bulk of the March has headed towards remaining protesters. Here with me, we spoke to the organizers of the figures and the turnout that we saw in Australia use for climate by that. What are you, what are you watching for today? It’S the same all the time and we’re watching for the same we want to. We want friends and the other countries. Of course, I don’t want friends to to take big big allows big big thing to to to try to tackle climate change, and we won’t. We won’t like, if you work out and about tell them that being carbon neutral in a 2030, and they definitely know that they know I will recover indications, and this is important to continue to strike, because if we don’t strike anymore, they won’t say anything and it Will think okay yeah that they’re over with at 10 we’re not over and we won’t stop by striking until we will have a great measures you want to keep the message strong are you? Are you excited about the turnout in Paris today a lot of persons, but I am always saying this is Never Enough. We want a big mobilization and tomorrow in Paris, will have Isabella it’s about climate Justice Center, also a social justice and five a thousand, and I think, will definitely come out on Skype. So then, today I don’t know if we’re the same number, that in the March 15th of hoping for a big turnout today as well, be a bigger turnout over the weekend, they’re expecting what they call a black weekend and turn them in terms of turn out that Support that was a very alarming report that came out this week by France’s top scientists, so we’re talking about the meteorologist from mythical cost, but also a scientist from the sea, a national Center for a scientific research here in France, and they said, according to their simulations, That global warming could be a lot worse than with an originally forecast. They said that if things go terribly wrong, the end of the century, so pretty terrifying stop Victor. How do you feel about the future like just? There is nothing to do if you don’t believe in science. This is like our top. Scientists are in friends we like in the in one of the best of innovation and a scientific, a country’s – it’s very, very, very, very import to act now, and yes, of course, of course I am like. I don’t know if I want children, but if I have children I want them to grow in an environment, and I don’t want him the plasma 800 damn that dies because of a biggest almost things like that. I don’t want them to do that, because we are a generation that it’s a knows about climate change and we will never. We will never have an opportunity like that to stop it. So now is the time
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FRANCE 24’s Florence Villeminot reports on Paris climate strike protest.

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