‘Good news for air passengers’: Garneau on air passenger bill of rights

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‘Good news for air passengers’: Garneau on air passenger bill of rights
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‘Good news for air passengers’: Garneau on air passenger bill of rights
‘Good news for air passengers’: Garneau on air passenger bill of rights
Federal government today released the final version of proposed regulations to protect airline passengers. It requires Airlines to compensate Travelers for lost baggage, overbook flights and delayed or cancelled flights. Some of the new rules will begin to take effect in July transport. Minister, Marc garneau joins us from Pearson Airport in Toronto before what does the finalized version that you’ve released today do for air passengers? Well, I think it’s finally tells people that who take airplanes, that that we have the regulations there in place. Most of them will come into into effect on the 15th of July. Some of the more complex ones will come into effect on the 50 December, but I think this is good news for air passengers. We’Ve had a lot of consultation. We think that we have come up with some very good regulations that show passengers that they have rights when they buy a ticket. One of those patients involving delays – penalties – don’t kick in those. I understand it until passengers been sitting on the tarmac for 3 hours or longer. I can be, as you know it very long time in an aircraft. The United States save a 3 hour limit. The vets for domestic flights for international place is actually 4 hours and the Europeans don’t even have a maximum time. So we looked at this very carefully. We think 3 hours reasonable delay, but we’ve introduced here are standards of treatment for people who are facing the tarmac delay. They have to be provided with regular status updates, food and water, the ability to communicate use of the bathroom those kinds of things so that we can minimize the discomfort when there is a Tarmac delay and they do happen, occasionally, regime of fines, penalties for Airlines. But I’m going to be on the the passengers themselves or will the airline’s went in case of a long delay automatically compensate passengers acting if something cannot be solved at the satisfaction of one of the two parties? You can go to the Canadian Transportation agency, but we believe that most of the compensations that the the accommodations be required we’ll be done between the airline and the passenger. In the case of overbooking, it has to be done within 48 hours, and overbooking has some fairly heavy compensation. As you probably know, 3-hour window can be exceeded safety considerations involved. How are you going to police this, so you know that airlines are being straight with their passengers about the real reason for delay delayed, for whatever reason it has to file the reason why and Transport Canada sees that information, so we know why there will be a Delay in every case, so there’s no way that the airlines are going to be able to. If you like, hide the reason why there is a delay. We will know that very carefully very clearly and we will enforce any compensation that comes out of that. If it was within the airlines control, how do you know this isn’t going to be passed on to passengers in front of fire ticket prices when we think that we’ve come up with something that is fair to both the Airlines and to the passengers? And we think that it’s not going to result in any increases in fares. Airlines also know that they have to try to remain as competitive as possible, so it is within their control to try to avoid the kinds of situations that result in them having to give compensation. We think that come up with something that is fair, but also is going to put the onus on airlines to recognize that they will have to compensate when a delay or cancellation or an overbooking situation occurs. There was within their because otherwise it wouldn’t be fair to the passenger. Imagine you know a family with two kids and they saved up all year and their trip to a places that is is a delayed or cancelled and it was within the control of the airline. They deserve to be sometimes a problem with the rest of the airport. Not having Gates available available can be responsible in some cases for delays, for example, if there’s a terrorist Adventure, if there’s a ghost slow in terms of working or a union strike, that is not the fault of the airline just like weather or an air traffic control Problem those are things beyond the airline’s control and we clearly defined the situations that are within the airline’s, control and those that are not within their control. And if there’s any contestation, then the Canadian Transportation agency a rule on whether or not it was within their control or not within their control schedule. We have a number of stages to go through not only the certifier, the Americans, the FAA, but also here in Canada. We want to make sure that, when airplanes that Max dates fly in and out of Canada across Canada that they are play safe, my pleasure
Transportation Minister Marc Garneau speaks about the new regulations included in the air passenger bill of rights.

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