Google chief denies political bias claims – BBC News

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Google chief denies political bias claims – BBC News
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Google chief denies political bias claims – BBC News
If you, Google, the word idiot, a picture of Donald Trump comes up, Sundar pichai is going and coming to Washington was trying to convince you that his company Google wasn’t too powerful when it came. America’S access information on the internet believe that Google is biased. It’S either. Yes or no, if you want positive search results, do positive things. If you don’t want that, your search results, don’t do negative things about how Dyson particular, how Google Tracks a location does. Google, through this phone, know that I have moved here and moved over to the left. It’S either yes or no, not by default, be maybe a Google service with you opted into use, and if the Google knows that I am moving over there, it’s not a trick. Question yes or no answer, it’s actually a lot more complicated than that. But there was one question on China: will you rule out launching a tool for surveillance and censorship in chai? While you are CEO of Google Congressman to engaging one of the things which is important to us as a company, we have a stated mission of providing uses with information pretty well from this Herring. They would know heavy punches that knocks him off his stride, but there is cross-party support for more regulation as we go in 2019.
Google chief Sundar Pichai has faced accusations of political bias from US politicians.

Mr Pichai was being quizzed by members of the House Judiciary Committee about the way his tech firm runs it business.

Google was accused of having “programmed” bias against conservative views into its algorithms.

Mr Pichai denied the accusation saying he had “issues” with studies that claimed to show the firm’s search results excluded right-wing views.

He was asked by Republican committee member Zoe Lofgren why, when she googled the word “idiot” under images, a picture of President Donald Trump came up.

In response, Mr Pichai explained that keywords were matched against billions of page results and ranked for relevance, popularity and how other people are using the word.

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