GOP Defector Blasts Republican Party For Shielding Donald Trump | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

GOP Defector Blasts Republican Party For Shielding Donald Trump | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
GOP Defector Blasts Republican Party For Shielding Donald Trump | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
What is it going to take us that? What is it going to take for republicans in Congress and other conservative leaders to stand up to Donald Trump when you look at so many things that he’s done that are against what they say: they’ve stood for the whole careers. It is official the first Republican member of the House to formally defect in the Republican Party in the Trump era and there’s blowback. That is a lot of something much larger than any single congressional seat, Wesley, independent or libertarian Congressman. He is now left Republican party tonight. It’S officially filed as an independent, and he sends a notice to Republican leaders that he’s quote withdrawing from the house. Republican conference conference immediately forfeiting his seat on the committee, I’m basically giving up some power within the party in exchange for trying to save his seat. It’S a punctuation to where this all began, the rare member of the Republican Party, who read the report and said hey. This is not okay. He made a call for impeachment hearings and impeachment probe, and now his first interview since leaving the Republican party of March says all of this needs to be dealt with and other Republican obviously fear in the face of the Trump political larimar says. All of this has turned into kind of a partisan death spiral, so he wanted to clear his independence from the GOP is broader, even before defecting the reports to the mosque primary challenge because of his stance on impeachment, and so while many credit him for what he’s Doing and it seems completely genuine – he also has to formally withdraw from Republican party. Now you can even run for re-election under local rules to run as an independent, and it’s goes to larger issue of how primaries work now to insulate Donald Trump to basically be a weapon against anyone in many red District who stand up against it. He said nothing but trouble from his seat in a primary or Senator Jeff Flake, another critic of trumpian withdraw from Republican party, but he didn’t run for re-election and admitted he couldn’t win that primary and that might explain why it’s easier for some high-profile conservative did the Fact consider people who left the party over Trump, some of them visible on television people, like George, Will and Steve Schmidt and Max boot. The form of guests of the beat and sang Schmidt said look. This is not even an independent political party, it’s just the quote party of trump, whether it’s at picnics or cocktail parties or any place people discuss politics of both what it takes for a match. As a constitution, conservative, it was the evidence for what it takes and what happens he couldn’t stay he’s in Republican party and criticize Donald Trump of incredible. Pervasive crisis still was the Saturday Night Live skit about how grateful nation is waiting for yeah Republican ck2 come out and do the right thing and everybody wondered who that would be in the sky, they’re greeted with rapturous Applause in real life. They basically been kind of consigned to Origins because of how much the base of the Republican Party earning. Is that a lot of these doctrines, particularly the libertarian economic doctrine, that people like Jeff Flake people like Justin, Amash and sincerely believe in we’re at best write a review for the ethno-nationalist resentments of the base of the party.? That’S what they’re in it for their happy to jettison all the rest, went to the senate floor and rebuked him and was very critical more so than even some Republicans and the Democratic party responded in its leadership by Clinton’s running mate, making Joe Lieberman his running mate. Fixing to welcome this as a kind of a page turn, so is there something different here in the political culture of the of the Trump Republic Republican Party, the name move on which is now one of the most famous Progressive groups in the country came out of What was considered the left response to the Clinton impeachment, which was sent her and move on? There was no debate among the Democratic caucus. Let me underscore and get match response. Michelle is pointing us out to a very basic piece of history that the Democratic party’s position in the mainstream on Bill Clinton its president center with harsher than its position today on Trump, which is no impeachment no sensor in the main, because everybody switches places every 20 Years in American politics, I’m to level sense of economic conservatism or constitutional conservatism was, from their own point of view, and embroidery thread still think that they care about this stuff, but that’s not worth losing their next election over. This is what we’ve seen the Death Eaters moment of the Republican party. What happens when your party is in power? Tells you everything and the person that all Republican voters Donald Trump? It’S not Lindsey Graham’s voters who think about Lindsey, Graham everyday.. He realized that they think about Donald Trump everyday, and it turns out, like Mike Pence, like a lot of people who said for years in a hot second and not have to worry about it, negotiated with the Senate Majority Leader and the speaker and the president. In most cases – and they kind of presents a fait accompli and you’re supposed to vote at the end of the year in the big tree on the bus Bill. Yes or no, but you used to raise money off of the whole thing is broken and it broke for somebody else on Saturday night willing to reject a corrupt institution. Other people go along and what he found is that it’s often the people who are true believers, who are the ones who finally, the ones who kind of can’t abide on corruption and compromise, because they were really believes in it all in the first place. I think that’s why you see people interested in people like Jeff Flake people like Mark Sanford. These are very very conservative. Men who actually took all this stuff in the Republican party took that tea party ideologies series know where you stand. But what is genuine views that sometimes it’s the people who even more conservative but in a genuine way that are beefing and the other folks who appear to just go along with anything Ted Cruz? You know stood up to all of this up until he couldn’t and now doesn’t at all you’re here with us, and we appreciate that
Congressman Justin Amash officially breaking ties with the Republican party and filing as an independent. This comes as Rep. Amash attacks the GOP for privately discussing impeachment, while avoiding backing it in public.
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GOP Defector Blasts Republican Party For Shielding Donald Trump | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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