GOP Governor: ‘World’s Number One Bully’ Donald Trump Must Resign | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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GOP Governor: ‘World’s Number One Bully’ Donald Trump Must Resign | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
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while some Republicans are obviously standing by Trump there are others who say it’s time to change things my next guest former New Jersey governor Christine Todd Whitman served in the bush 43 cabin is EPA administrator and she is now calling formally Donald Trump to resign she makes out her case in a new piece where she says Trump is unfit to be president she’s calling on her fellow Republicans to quote put aside the GOP label as hard as that may be and demonstrate the leadership our country needs calling on this president to step down first interview since this piece came out appreciate you come to the beat with it to State this now the behaviors been building the erratic Behavior the president but particularly the way he handled the the meeting in a NATO and the European Union and then the meeting with Putin I’m sorry when you diss are allies in the way that he did the way he did and then you cozy up to somebody like Vladimir Putin was not our friend he is not going to be our Ally and he to my mind really forgot his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution how do you say it’s against all enemies foreign and domestic and frankly Putin is somebody with whom You’ve Got A Deal very strongly and you cannot assume that he is going to be your friend reflects bad judgment on the part of Donald Trump or potentially something worse certainly will find out overtime but everyday and within a day you’ll get two or three times you get a different story in a different take on things coming out of the White House itself so it’s hard to know where there’s anything more behind it broader than just a bad bad judgment and the fact that he likes nobody likes Kim jeong-hoon thinks he’s a great guy I mean you’re somebody who off half his family and and anybody who disagrees with them Putin is the same way the kinds of things you’ve done I just got back on Saturday from the Republic of Georgia not our state of Georgia but overseas and you see there I was doing a pre-election mission there and you see the heavy hand of Russia always in the background and they’re not playing in this election as much as they have in past ones but the kind things that we’re seeing today they fake news the influence that there that they’re peddling the fear-mongering that they’re doing it it’s very very very disturbing if you care about the United States America former Republican elected official law on service on loyalty the United States this Republican president and his allies say even if they did collude with Russia impact the election that’s not a crime against the best interests of the United States you do not collude in for a present to get up there and say you know well maybe I will course we again with the story is change right along there first there was no collusion and well doesn’t matter if I did or not it does matter and words matter that’s the other thing about what happened in over there in Europe it’s the words that uses the language that he uses that confuses people that undermines our country as a world leader that has now I started to isolate us and we’re going to need a lice we work with them before we need them and there’s never going to be around like neither is Kim Jeong Hoon ending a Donald Trump what happened to Chris Christie that far and I think it’s some point he was hoping for a little higher position than he’s been able to get there but even so he nope my bad have been anatomically challenging shall we say but the language used it which is really too bad at Wells 7030 in favor verses against butt and there been a few of those whose positions I understand I get it I respect them the rest of them is just the kind of language you wouldn’t let your fifth grader use and when we worry so much about bullying in our schools and the outcome of that I think the world’s number one bully at the head of the country not good not good for us long-term where what’s happening this country has raised who will stand up so it’s very interesting to see your piece I really appreciate you coming on the beat to talk about
Former Republican Governor for New Jersey, Christine Todd Whitman, joins Ari Melber to discuss why she is calling for the resignation of President Trump. Whitman says she finds Trump and Giuliani’s argument that collusion is not a crime “extraordinarily offensive” and says the “erratic behavior” of Trump “has been building” as demonstrated by his handling of the NATO summit and his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
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GOP Governor: ‘World’s Number One Bully’ Donald Trump Must Resign | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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