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de 608 of the Trump Administration and Republicans are turning up the pressure on Christine blasi Ford she is the California college professor who alleges Supreme Court nominee and federal judge Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they what time does a high school party Cavanagh denies the allegation for it has been given a deadline now has less than 48 hours to decide whether she will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday about her allegation in a letter to her attorney today committee chairman Charles Grassley of Iowa wrote quote you have stated repeatedly that dr. Ford wants to tell her story I sincerely hope the dr. Ford will accept my invitation to do so either privately or publicly on Monday I remind you that consistent with committee roles dr. Ford’s prepared testimony and biography are due to the committee by 10 a.m. on Friday September 21 if she intends to testify on Monday but through her lawyers Lord has requested that the FBI investigate her allegation before she testifies or request that Grassley has already rejected he did offer to send committee staff to California to speak with Ford tonight Ford’s attorney released this this statement quote dr. Ford was reluctantly thrust into the public Spotlight only 2 days ago she’s currently unable to go home and is receiving ongoing threats to her and her family safety respect for her dictate that she should have time to deal with this she continues to believe that a full non-partisan investigation of this matter is needed and she is willing to cooperate with the committee however the committee stated plan to move forward with a k that has only that’s that has only two witnesses is not a fair or good faith investigation there are multiple Witnesses whose names have appeared publicly and should be included in any preceding the rush to it bring is unnecessary and contrary to the committee discovering the truth the president has been publicly supportive of cavanal while allowing the Senate to take the lead in this fight this morning as he was about to board Marine one he took where to temper his language if she shows up and makes a credible showing that’ll be very address again so I have to make a decision but I can only say this he is such an out many men very hard for me to imagine that anything happened to Justice Gavin or it’s been treated very very tough and his family I think it’s a very unfair thing what’s going on so we’ll see but I do think that that give it a lot of time they will continue to give it a lot of time and really it’s up to the Senate and I really rely on them I think they’re going to do a good job I’d really wanted to see her I really would want to see what she has to say we should know the obvious here the White House could ask the FBI to investigate for its allegations tonight a number of the president’s repeat can allies are pushing to move ahead with a Cavanaugh vote in the committee with or without a hearing Senator Lindsey Graham issued a statement today quote requiring an FBI investigation of a 36 year-old allegation without specific references to timer location before Professor Ford will appear before the Judiciary Committee is not about finding the truth but delaying the process until after the midterm elections it is imperative the Judiciary Committee move forward on the Cavanaugh nomination and a committee vote be taken as soon possible Washington Post reporter Robert Costa who will join us in just a moment reports tonight that Republicans are concerned about the political implications of rushing this confirmation he writes privately discussions about the Fallout grip the party with Republican lawmakers and strategist unnerved by the charge gender infused debates that have upended this campaign season Senator Susan Collins Republican appears to be aware of the NBC news reports that a source close to her says she had a call with the deputy director of the FBI to get a better understanding about how background investigations are conducted this morning on a local man radio show the senator continue to publicly press hearing with both forward and Cavanaugh I think it’s not fair to judge Cavanaugh for her not to come forward and testify both of them need to testify next Monday the 4th the Judiciary Committee are beginning to speak out describing the college professors dedication to were working her aversion to being in the public eye several her friends and classmates from her High School holton-arms wrote an open letter of support for her one of those friends who says she’s known forward for four decades now talk with our colleague Chris Hayes earlier tonight foundation with her family and her friends and she’s tremendously grateful for the support that she’s gotten from from everyone and then I think that’s important to her so that she I feel that she’s just hanging out to dry here by herself to suggest if someone has been sexually assaulted isn’t remembering this correctly is just makes me just makes my head explode I think it makes a lot of women feel that way let’s bring our leadoff panel on a Wednesday night the aforementioned Robert Costa National political reporter for the Washington Post and moderator of Washington Week on PBS Kimberly Atkins Chief Washington reporter for the Boston Herald and miroku former assistant us attorney the southern district of New York now a distinguished fellow in criminal justice at the Pace University law school counselor I’d like to begin with you and ask you the pure hypothetical if you were dr. Ford’s attorney do you think you would be advising here I would be advised exactly what they’re saying which is not don’t testify ever but don’t testify until they have done an investigation and here’s why this is sham and no one knows that better than judge Cavanaugh who is a longtime federal judge if I as a federal prosecutor or any lawyer walked into his courtroom and tried to put on a Case by throwing two witnesses up there without doing any investigation outside what they’re going to say on the stand he would he would not be happy with our performance as lawyers in that courtroom that is not how we look for the truth that is not how we get at fax in this country this is not a criminal proceeding but you saying they want to get it the truth they’re saying it in different ways you don’t put people on both sides of the aisle the only way to do that is to do a full investigation and it can be done quickly and so I think In fairness to dr. for she has not said she won’t testify as I believe Senator Collins referred in in her statement that if she says she’s not going to testify that’s unfair to judge Carpenter she is saying do the work first and make this affair Plainfield because if you put dr. Ford up there and you put Rose Kavanagh we already know what’s going to happen the many Republican Senators have already said as much as they don’t believe her that they’re in they’re going to question everything she says and unless you have other facts 2.2 to test people’s the witness credibility with your you’re not going to get at the truth I just want to share a couple of things that we have witnessed over the past 24 hours the first of which happened on this broadcast last night after the president said this isn’t the FBI’s and getting involved in the investigation like this we put that question to FBI veteran senior official Chuck Rosenberg we should take a look at the letter i Bryan and FBI dance for investigation this is precisely their thing they pass along information to the White House on mr. Cavanaugh and if the White House wants more information all they have to do is ask you’re both on social media one of them from Steve Schmidt who wrote this tonight riddle me this if someone is lying dr. Ford and they know that lying to the FBI is a crime why would they be asking for an FBI investigation if a sitting federal judge is accused of something he denies with his reputation at stake why wouldn’t he demand one and then finally Steven Dennis over at Bloomberg News if both Kavanagh and Ford testify under oath until opposite stories one would be committing the federal crime of lying to Congress would there be president for the FBI to then investigate maybe this is why we have you here answer is any of these an investigation then or more should be about whether one of them is mine but again you can’t really get at that answer without going beyond the two people that the Republicans are trying but they’re trying to make this he said she said situation and it’s not it doesn’t have to be there are other Witnesses out there we already know about them in the public records which by the way I think lens credibility the doctor Ford story why would she have told the story and put at the scene if if she were making this up why would you put a friend of Calvin I was there for people to go and investigate but the fact is there are people for them to talk to there are so many details already in her story she said she was wearing a bathing suit there a pool party I mean there are things you can figure out this is a close Community there were people to talk to so yes it’s one of them lies there should and would be an investigation but again to even get to that point of deciding that you need to do this and fact that as Steve Smith said the fact the Have Nots is not himself saying yeah let’s investigate this and asking for it himself I think that’s very telling he you know it’s sort of like Trump trying to shut down Ashley’s afraid of what’s going to come out is really the only thing I think you can read into that got our attention it is analysis Brett Cavanaugh’s fate depends on which party blinks first is it it and yes human lives reputations are at stake is it that much of its been called a game of chicken and how dug-in are the size as far as your reporting can sell the Democrats and dr. Ford or not interested in moving forward without that FBI investigation as a prerequisite but the Senate is a political body we have Republicans and Democrats who are making political calculations and now they are dug in but the momentum seems to have shifted to Republicans who seem to want to move forward with this vote whether or not doctor for does appear next week despite the criticism and it looks like they are strong-arming her or trying to bully her to rush this process when the process has no real deadline there’s no reason why Monday has to be the day they can take extra time they can do more investigation if they don’t the FBI involved they can have some sort of third-party arbitrator to sort of the testimony of the people involved there are a lot of ways to do this in their choosing one way which is their way or the highway the Republicans are but I think making that calculation because they believe in the end they will have the votes to confirm a Kavanagh at and look at the end of the day they may be worried about the perception that they are strong-arming doctor for that they may I have the same problem that Anita Hill they had with Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas confirmation but despite the attention that Anita Hill testimony got in the end the Republicans got the most conservative Justice on the US Supreme Court affirmed and he has been on that court for 27 years he might be on the court for a decade or more they remember that so I think of some short-term political problems might be worth that and there calculation okay Robert stuff your job tonight is to tell us everything you know starting with this just how toxic could this become are the Republicans that willing to take this big a hit and kind of gavel this it’s a tough question for republicans in conversation today Brian with Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona he mentioned in the Anita Hill exchange with senators and 1991 during Clarence Thomas’s confirmation hearing and led to the 1992 show called year of the woman when many women were elected to federal office and Flake worried to me and conversation that Republicans could be walking into a moment on Monday that is charged that has party full of older white men in positions of power asking potentially aggressive question do you have an accuser in dr. Ford facing off against people like Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa 85 years old in Congress 1975 who was involved actually and that Anita Hill Clarence Thomas confirmation process back in 1991 the most interesting thing in my reporting notebook tonight Brian many Republicans are publicly calling for dr. Ford to come forward into here on Monday but privately many them tell me Republican made some of them even some lawmakers that it may be best for the party to avoid the hearing that they would like to move quickly on the Kavanagh nomination and they would like to avoid the political that they think could be damaging to them in the midterm elections on YouTube if you want to keep up-to-date with the putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos
Republicans appear ready to move on with the Kavanaugh nomination whether his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, testifies or not. We discuss the latest with Robert Costa, Kimberly Atkins, & Mimi Rocah.
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GOP Ready For Brett Kavanaugh Vote Whether His Accuser Testifies Or Not | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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