GOP’s Dan Bishop declares victory in North Carolina special election

GOP’s Dan Bishop declares victory in North Carolina special election
GOP’s Dan Bishop declares victory in North Carolina special election
Secu, North Carolina, Ninth District, I’m going to begin, I think you just did my wife. I love more than anything on this Earth. Amazon Jack. This is a family together. We did you guys on all the families across this District or why do this? And what I’m fighting for I’m going to think a lot of people tonight so settle in. I want a focus for a minute on the incredible campaign team and all of our amazing volunteers who work so hard and believed in this cause. These guys names never end up on the sheet because they never want to hear anything about themselves, but they are two Geniuses in North Carolina and in the political operations of the of the state and Nation I mean, when I say, Virginia’s, Jim blame and Ray Martin In our campaign staff, I’ve never seen anybody work harder than this man, Peter Barnes campaign manager, Sasha Duncan Press Secretary, James Burroughs and Emily Boyer, and even John when John win, my Legislative Assistant, who came down and helped the campaign with his time off. Thank you, John Jessica prowell, who handled PR for the campaign. Now they were. If I started thinking everybody else. this campaign and so many immeasurable ways you really would be here until after midnight. I can’t do that, even though I love every one of you, but there are a few people, who’ve been so extraordinary that I’ve got a name in the moment, can’t pass without doing it down with me on a Saturday, then you have to do this as a Mentor of many years his name is Kevin Kennelly. I’M grateful to Kevin for all of his wisdom tooth who were equally active in sort of picking me up on their shoulders and getting us to that. First, phase of the necessary funding to make this campaign run Jamie Harris and Ed peacock, and a gentleman I know to be with us here tonight talk me a lot in the North Carolina Senate and has helped me every inch of the way down this path in Minear anyways Senator Tommy Tucker, who even helped us arrange Bill Harris this marvelous place tonight to gather everybody in the place where we could all spread out and have enough room. Thank you so much Bill. Now. It just begins there because they’re all the county Party leaders, the district leaders, German Jon Stewart standing right there, other GOP leaders across the 9th District of North Carolina knocked on thousands of doors made thousands and thousands and tens of thousands of telephone calls. Staffing polls hosting events donating your time, your money, your inner just cause we did this together tonight – is a victory shared by all who believed in the promise of America, in the promised, in the promise of American exceptionalism and in the promise of freedom and opportunity. We believe in those promises, but we know they are not guaranteed. Ronald Reagan said it: freedom is never more than one generation away from Extinction. It wasn’t passed on in our bloodstream, it must be fought for and and I’m going to Washington to leave that fight. On behalf of a Ninth District there’s, another man who’s been leading that five Comerica, a man who is, I think, I’m doubtedly the greatest fighter ever to occupy the White House, President Donald J Trump, and look how we laid himself on the line for this race. I’M grateful for the presidents extraordinary support throughout this campaign and especially the closing Barnstorm ending with last night’s rally in Fayetteville, and I must take a moment to comment separately on. The help of his terrific partner are vice president Mike Pence, who gave of his time and personal warmth, not only in two separate events in July and August in Fayetteville and Washington, but in crossing. The entire District by motorcade yesterday tops in Charlotte Wingate Marshville Pembroke before rendezvousing with President Trump in Fayetteville. I also want to offer my sincere thanks for the huge support from leader McCarthy, whip scalise, the nrcc and its chairman, Thomas and they’re amazing staff, many of whom have been on-boarded with us, the last several weeks of the campaign. Thank you so much to all of you guys, but it didn’t stop there. I also think the Republican National committee committee and chairwoman Ronna McDaniel co-chair Tommy Hicks, the North Carolina Republican party is chairman, Michael Whatley, and vice-chair virtue and her amazing sign truck just seen that right, I wish Miriam could be here tonight. Cuz. We need to sign truck. We could pull it in the space in here and also the Club for Growth, Congressman Mark Meadows in the House, Freedom, fun, the White House, Lincoln leadership in all our Republican and conservative Partners were there for us every step of the way because they all understood what Was at stake in this election? Might I told President Trump we weren’t tired of winning? Are we tired of winning we’re, not tired of winning we’re just getting twinning, because we’re seeing the successful results of President Trump’s agenda economy with six million new jobs record low unemployment across every demographic, lower taxes for our job creators and our families? We have a world leader on the stage I’ll just have a leader on the world stage. It was sent a message loud and clear America. First, President Trump is putting American workers and American Jobs first and that’s when I get to Washington. One of my first priorities is going to be pushing for buy the US Mexico, Canada agreement, but a strong Nation. I must also be a secure Nation. We must secure our borders once and for all it’s time for Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Washington, National Security and the money he needs to build, we’re going to secure our border and we’re not going to stop there. We must must put an end to these dangerous Sanctuary. Policies like the one in next door in Mecklenburg. County are putting North Carolinians public nearly 400 dangerous criminal illegal aliens have been allowed to Pray Again on victims. That must end, and it must end now tonight the voters of North Carolina send a message that shouldn’t just be heard in the within the confines of the Ninth District. It should reverberate across this country and in the halls of the capital. The voters said no to the radical liberal policies being pushed by today’s Democratic Party. They said no, they said no, the Nancy Pelosi AOC and the squad, and they said no to the harassment, obstruction and impeachment mob. That wants to undermine this country success for there power, but they said yes to America. Yes, two more jobs, more free, more opportunity, they said yes to protecting life and our constitution. They said yes to the rule of law, and so now the campaign is over and we have to get to work governing like Abraham Lincoln, be sure you put your feet in the right place then stand firm, I’m going to Washington with clear eyes and a steel Spine, we know what our vision is, and we know future of our country is dependent on leaders who will stand strong to protect our values iprom, who denied that I will never stop fighting for our values and just as I have done in this, I will work Across the aisle with anyone who wants to solve problems and deliver results for North Carolina families, I hope the Democrats and Washington are watching this incredible victory and realize what they’re doing is not working. I see this as an opportunity, stop playing presidential politics and come to the table to work with us and work with this President there’s a lot we can get done: border security, infrastructure, affordable health, economic success. This is what people are expecting from us and I’m going to roll up my sleeves and get to work on behalf of the families and the taxpayers of the 9th District, and let me State clearly the night that I intend to continue processing this District talking directly With voters I’m going to show up on your doorstep and then your local coffee shop. This seat belongs to the people and we will have an open door to every citizen of the night and left behind by a government that favors special interests and the well-connected /. Hard-Working man and women know that I hear you, this is your District, it’s your District and together we could work to take America to her greatest Heights. Yet tonight was the first step toward taking back the House of Representatives in 2022. Keep this car Brianna path of prosperity and spring, because, under this President, America is great again we stand for our flag and we, Neil to our maker, we honor our veterans and we respect the men and women of law enforcement. We want the best for our families and for our neighbors families. We want our kids and grandkids in a safe and strong Nation with the promises of abundant opportunity on the horizon. We are farmers and entrepreneurs and teachers and truck dry and Factory workers. We are all Americans, one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice. Thank you all very much, and God bless the United States of America. You all want to hang around for this. The time would be now just one of them blames tricks, I’m not sure to work on this speaker he’s not going to call me I’m going to call him really, like my airpods, not sure that’ll work hi. This is Dan. Bishop is Mick Mulvaney on hand and I’m actually calling the president of the United thanks very good. I’M trying to see how this is going to work 24 pill is this Nick you’re talking to me and I’d, say about three hundred of my closest friends: call standby? What makes you work, everybody Bia will. Let you know when this is the greatest campaign staff ever put together right here, unknown telephone call, calling Dan Bishop I’d be pleased to speak with the vice-president. Thank you good evening. Mr. I’m here with 300 of your closest friends, would you consider me putting you on the speaker? Thank you. Mr. vice president, couldn’t put you on speaker phone and you say just a words to these folks tonight is done so much now. You Arthur great service to the give us a call for your phone. I told the people here of the warmth and kindness that you brought to so many in the visits that you had, both in Fayetteville and in Washington and then in the motorcade all the way across his I’m more grateful to you, sir than I can explain. Thank you to you and the course I hope will speak with President Trump, but thanks to both of you for putting us over the top, that was pretty cool and we hang on just a few more minutes. Maybe we can top that. What I’ll tell you what everybody has a different number good number 2, but we’ll see if we can get the president’s phone call when you call everybody sort of Viet he’s around we’ll, have fun and enjoy each other’s company, and it really is a great night. God bless you all thanks! Everybody
The special election for North Carolina’s 9th district between Democrat Dan McCready and Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Bishop is widely seen as a bellwether for 2020’s upcoming clash between Democrats and President Trump.

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