Government must publish Brexit legal advice – BBC News

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Government must publish Brexit legal advice – BBC News
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Government must publish Brexit legal advice – BBC News
Washing events in the House of Commons waiting for the results of the second vote in the past 30 minutes. This is a vote on Labor’s motion being critical of the government. Let’S wait for this result the eyes of the right 311. The nose to the left 293 call Genesis into the boat again 311. The news to 293. The eyes have it. Is a majority of 18. Then, on that label motion he is secure huge constitutional political significance in contempt. The Motion makes there the government in full I’ll confirm and comply with that order, but if she failed to respond this to speak before responding to the of course here from the leader of the House, we’ve listened carefully and in light of the expressed will at the House we will publish the final and full advice provided by the Attorney General to Cabinet, but recognizing the very serious constitutional issue this raises. I have referred the matter to the Privileges committee to consider the implications of the humbler dress, Iran to the leader for her response. Members some members are saying from when I had intended to say that I expected to comply with the Waffle House if Aleta wants to offer a further impacted, particular on that point now or immediately after they put her. She can do so, but if not, I would say it would seem to me to be unimaginable, but it would not be unimaginable Clarity of that confirmation, and I think that does satisfy the Curiosity of members Westminster what’s happened is that the government is now listen to The view of the house and his back and we’ll publish info be legal advice given by the Attorney General to the government on this brexit deals for the Prime Minister will be presenting a who’s the host this evening. Ministers did not want to reveal this advice info. They had resisted it, but they are now being forced by the House of Commons to accept that it would be public, as we heard that from the speaker rather pointedly. You expect this to be published. Before. Big boat takes place next week and then the leader of the house and realized some making clear that they would be a statement tomorrow. Just clarifying the timing.
The government will publish its full legal advice on Theresa May’s Brexit deal after MPs found it in contempt of Parliament for not doing so.

The Commons supported a motion, backed by six opposition parties, demanding full disclosure by 311 votes to 293.
Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom indicated the attorney general’s full and final advice would be released on Wednesday.

An attempt by ministers to refer the whole issue to a committee of MPs was earlier defeated earlier by four votes.

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