Government releases new report on lost flight MH370

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Government releases new report on lost flight MH370
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for many years now MH370 families have waited for answers many refuse to give up hope of finding their loved ones alive others may just want closure the news conference to explain its findings 239 people were on board that flight when it took off in Kuala Lumpur in March 2014 it never reached its destination Beijing the planes ultimate fate remains history still today let’s go to sena’s will Ripley his life from Hong Kong hello to you will what we’re learning about this report is there any significant new information 2014 like it was yesterday with my first assignment for Sienna and covering the missing plane and for weeks on end we stood there at the airport in Kuala Lumpur and then we move to Australia where they were sending the search operations and there was so much hope in the beginning they would find the plane they would detect some sort of a signal from the plane they they they were confident and here we are now more than 4 years later and there is this report 495 Pages released with absolutely no clothes as to as to what may have happened what have been able to rule out is any obvious signs of anxiety or mental issues on the part of the pilot in the first officer they ruled out any speculation that the pilots flight simulator at home which showed he had plotted a course of simulated course towards the southern Indian Ocean 9370 is believed to have crashed cording to the best guess of investigators looking at radar and satellite imagery and whatnot that they say that that that’s not enough to prove that he intended to fly the plane deliberately but of course his family has had to live for four and a half yours with this kind of cloud of Suspicion over them all of the passengers 227 passengers 12 crew members they looked at meticulously the backgrounds of everybody on the plane no indication that anybody would have been capable of pulling off something like this other investigators roll out somebody perhaps breaking into the cockpit switching off the communication systems and turning at playing around right after I checked in at waypoint at Gary and of course took the plan on that fateful presume flight to the southern Indian Ocean there have been three confirm pieces debris from MH370 3 pieces of the wing that washed up along the African East Coast but another 27 pieces of debris have been found that are believed to be highly likely from MH370 as far north as the eastern coast of Tanzania South Africa and yet you have all these little pieces of debris but they haven’t found the plan itself the main wreckage which of course is the final resting place for those 239 people so for all of these families who have lived in the state of limbo ever since that day March 2014 team Sally that that state of of of not knowing is going to continue for the foreseeable future and all your reporting Little Italy Forest there in Hong Kong
The Malaysian government has released a new report on flight MH370, the airline that disappeared in March of 2014. CNN’s Will Ripley reports.

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