Graham challenges whistleblower to appear before Senate Judiciary

Graham challenges whistleblower to appear before Senate Judiciary
Graham challenges whistleblower to appear before Senate Judiciary
Reaction Senate, Judiciary, chairman Lindsey, Graham, does it look good? Does it to rush every way you can it’s about time. Somebody look at the connections to the Ukraine. Here’S my question. The vice president told you we will take the money away from you unless you fire the prosecutor. Did he have a conflict of interest because the prosecutor was looking at it son tomorrow when we read the transcript? Is there any evidence that all the President Trump threatened skate away from the Ukraine and let’s investigate Biden or do his political bigot? This is Russia. *, 2 * 10, even just a rush to judgment cuz, we don’t know. What’S here we do know the Inspector General Inspector General whistleblower had a political agenda conversations with world leaders when he was vice president and maybe Barack Obama’s, as well as a fair. The conversation who told him about it well, that sounds like you think somebody in the Deep state that will get you. Let me tell you somebody told about a phone call. They were not part of. I have a political agenda. Did The Whistleblower have a bias I’ll make an offer tonight on television to The Whistleblower? If you want to testify under oath to the Senate Judiciary Committee you’re welcome to do so cuz, I want to find the truth and here’s another question. What is there a reason to withhold a to this new Ukrainian Administration until we knew who they were, and was it okay for President Trump to withhold money to try to get other countries to give more? These are the questions that sell body needs to ask and answer is speaking out for the Democrats. Will it tells me that they think they’re going to lose at The Ballot Box? The only reason they’re trying to impeach the president, the Scout say, don’t believe they can beat him at The Ballot Box or they’re trying to destroy it comes down to this. If there’s no evidence that President Trump try to course, the ukrainians into investigating Biden and withholding Aid to the brainless a did Trump speeding against fighting, then there’s nothing here. That would be the only thing that would bother me. It was the okay for the president to tell the Ukrainian say if his prosecutor was fired for a corrupt purpose. Look at it! How do you get to a point where a Democratic Party 4 trillion a year? They want to Stack the US Supreme Court. They want to get rid of the Electoral College. It seems this party has lost any sense of Constitution, braided powers of commander-in-chief, the president. How does the president affect the commander-in-chief and information where did it come from, and how is it that they got so much wrong about it already given to them about somebody else, but here’s what Trump has done this so important? You can read it for yourself tomorrow. The one thing about this present that I admire in this circumstance he’s releasing a phone called a foreign leader that you can make your own judgment. There is no evidence that Donald Trump tried to intimidate the Ukraine by withholding military aid unless they investigated by. There is nothing here, but there’s a lot here when it comes to Biden, did he have a conflict of interest when he threatened to withhold age the Ukraine unless they fired a prosecutor looking at his son now that needs to be looked at was their reason to Withhold age of the Ukraine after this election so far from biting a lot of people and DOD will worried about this oceanshine. Should we give them weapons cuz, we don’t know how close they are to Russia. Let me ask you this: here: is America less safe tonight as a result of this America is far less safe when a phone call between the president, the United States in a foreign leader, whistleblower files complaint when they were not part of the phone call? America will be less tape if there’s two standards of Justice in this country, if the Democratic vice president can threaten to withhold Aid to a foreign country unless a prosecutor’s fired who’s. Looking at his son and nothing happens and they’re willing to him each President Trump on a phone call, they know nothing about. Where are Ukrainian prosecutor? The prosecutor was looking at Mike Pence’s site.
President Trump to release Ukraine call transcript; South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham on Biden’s Ukraine ties. #Hannity #FoxNews

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