Graham suggests Kavanaugh could overturn Roe precedent

here’s what I hope you’ll do if there’s a case before him that challenges rovi way that he would listen to both sides of the story apply a test to overturn president president is important but it’s not invalid I am dying to see if he leaves citizens vs United can be overturned he would not listen to both sides of the story he will give great difference I’m sure to Roe v Wade but it can be overturned like every other decision there is a serious question as to whether this President given the opportunity will in the Mueller investigation something which most Republicans in the overwhelming majority of Americans say would be a serious mistake and we asked a question what do you think says it’s your hands off when it comes to a president during his term in office anything involving subpoenas involving the Mueller investigation I think he’ll look at what the ethics are with regard to a Supreme Court Justice you know there’s been previous questions Justice Kagan had a similar question on obamacare-related litigation and do what the codes of conduct and ethics of us Spring Court Justice require these documents if we’re lucky we will see 6% 6% of all of the documents that have been produced I could be produced to reflect on kavanagh’s true position on issues I think that you could ask some very interesting questions about these documents he have the votes to win confirmation to the court if he does well at the hearing you will get my my belief is 55 or higher I think that we should have had the filibuster in place and by the way that sounds like a really scary words for normal people out there but it’s the idea that you have to have consensus so I would have liked to see 60 votes no matter what the judges I don’t think we should have made that change when we look back but it happened because we were so frustrated because President Obama wasn’t able to get his nominees but I think we would have been in a better place now the point is we still left the 60 votes in place before The Supreme Court I would prefer to bring it back we are where we are and now I don’t think anyone’s going to win the hamstring them cell
Ahead of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, Sen. Lindsey O. Graham on Sept. 2 said hoped Kavanaugh would “apply a test to overturn precedent” on Roe v. Wade. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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