Green Party Leader Elizabeth May shares vision of greener Canada

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May shares vision of greener Canada
Green Party Leader Elizabeth May shares vision of greener Canada
We are 3 weeks away from election day and tonight we have our first 5-minute debrief at the desk interviews with the main party leaders on key campaign. Promises tonight we are thrilled to have his Elizabeth May of the Green Party is: May 1st fall today. You called this: a referendum on climate change explained that well, this is the last federal election before it becomes really too late to make the changes. We need to make an end of Apocalypto too severe in the way we’re judging it, but we based our positions on science and the intergovernmental panel on climate change is clear that the changes we need to make must be achieved by 2030. There are approximately twice what the other party say. We must do and if we miss our chance in this election, the window on holding onto a survivable climate will have closed before 2023. Okay, so obviously Canadians are listening. There is no doubt about that. We see the numbers going up in the he’s very specific. When you talk about those changes, what changes do your policies were? They require Canadians to do what concrete changes in their lifestyle? Plugging in your car, as opposed to stopping at a gas station, is a change in a lifestyle, but what really needs to change is the leadership from governments, so we protected the ozone layer in 1987. Canadians didn’t feel this was a big change. Your lifestyle, the product. No longer had chemicals that the play The Beatles on their governments have to take responsibility program. We spell it all out in our plan, which is called Mission possible. Okay. So if you are able to get your yes, it would be. A minority government have to commit to for you to support it. We have to set partisan politics aside, and I know that sounds to utopian, but we’re talking about our kids having a livable world. We have to stop each other up like a Punch and Judy show and based government policy on science, and the science is clear, so we’re not putting political obstacles forward. You can’t negotiate with physics. Our plan is the only one there consistent with the advice of Global Science. What specifically with a menorah government, have to commit to for you to support that. We have to cut our emissions of greenhouse gases by 60 % by 2030 so that we can get to carbon neutrality by 2 50. This implies so that so that means what major investment in electricity grid infrastructure Improvement, renewable energy only into our electricity grid, phasing-out, our dependence on the internal combustion engine, Canadian. It means you know what is it the majority of cars? We need to beat zero emission within 15 years, yet find the Model T Ford on the street 10 years later. These are pictures from like the 19th. What is find the horse and buggy the transition? There happened to Market forces, disruptive Technologies are coming along, the transitions are coming, but right now, government in the way we need to help her Society move away from fossil fuels as quickly as possible. This feels so ambitious and if you don’t get that commitment, you would send Canadians back to the pool see reality. Action is necessary. When do you know when President Kennedy said we’re going to put a man on the moon, no idea how they were going to do it, this we’re actually dealing with science that we know how to do this, and we also know that if we don’t do this, Abdicate responsibility to all those kids that were marching on Friday and the kids at work marching. This is not a negotiable item, not politically, but in terms of its an existential threat to Canada and every other country on Earth, and we can’t wish it away or put forward Dino papering over with with the incremental changes. Now we really have to face that go off fossil fuels, make that commitment and take care of her workers. So no one feels vulnerable. While we make it addition to a green economy, will I can already see we need a lot more time, because you talk about workers, you’ve introduced the what you call the robot tax and very quickly. Are you afraid that that, on some level is going to blunt the Competitive Edge if you’ve got big business paying for these promises, including if a piece of Machinery comes in a worker gets laid off? What, if we’re the only party talking about what happens to our Workforce with Automation and artificial intelligence? These are very viable, important discussions to be happening because our Workforce could be being replaced. We already are being replaced by automation, term, artificial intelligence and that we don’t see a revenue slump, because workers were paying into our into our tax revenue base are replaced by robots. Who don’t will I wish we had more time as always, but such a pleasure having you with tonight? Thank you. Lisa appreciate,
Green Party Leader Elizabeth May joins Lisa LaFlamme to discuss her party’s key platform promises and her vision for Canada.

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