Green Party ‘re-vetting’ candidates over anti-abortion comments | Power & Politics

Green Party ‘re-vetting’ candidates over anti-abortion comments | Power & Politics
Green Party ‘re-vetting’ candidates over anti-abortion comments | Power & Politics
The green party has spent the last 48 hours defending against comment earlier this week. Surprise for the party and its leader, who said the quote: we will not have a candidate who thinks they can work to break up our country. Yesterday, though, I miss May welcome back to the show nice to see you again quote. As far as I know, and all my conversations with him he’s not a separatist so which is, it may seem like they’re, not interested in separating.. I guess he’s not interested in breaking up the country he’s been a federal MP for 8 years. I served with him at that time. 8 years of the federal new democrat, he didn’t say a thing or press for several doesn’t mean he certainly won’t do that within the green party, because, where I park believes in an enhanced, improved federalism and I will always fight for Canada, he did say in another Interview a few days ago that if there were a referendum to be held, he would vote to separate. Is that a problem sitting members of parliament and other parties who feel the same way what the problem would be? If anyone thought it was a good idea to start encouraging separatism fighting for separatism, calling for a reference, none of those things are right. Now I and every other Green Party candidate across this country, recognized as it were in a climate emergency and I’d, welcome any other Sovereign just to come. Join the green party, not think about separatism, but think about saving ourselves in a climate emergency by working together. Only for those things right now – and I take your point – he also did make the point that he is so concerned about the climate crisis, that that is his priority. But if that were to ever shift assurances, can you provide Canadians that there isn’t somebody like him in your party who will get up and say it’s time, Bright Lights, hold a referendum, the same question of the Liberals and Democrats, and I just I’m just saying there Are a lot of quebecers overtime have been supporters of separatism when it was an active issue, I will do everything I say can’t make sure it’s never an active issue in this country. If our prime minister, I’ve worked very closely with all of my provincial counterparts, improving federalism to our Council of Canadian governments, which brings Municipal governments to the table indigenous covers the table. We need to pull the tree together and there is no way in this world that a green MP would be confused on this point. We are a party that believes in holding. Can it together with an improved and renewed federalism, another respect as well, and that he will not bring this up ever at as a green MP in the House of Commons relationship, we have a friendship and trust is built on a number of things. One is how he conducted himself in Parliament when I the last eight years. I don’t think there’s a single chance that he wants to ever bring up separatism as a Canadian Federal Member of Parliament. No, I don’t need to go pushing him on hypotheticals out to forever. I’M very confident that they are not tell us a strong Canadian Green Party candidate for lawn guy Center. There until said his original comments came up in the context of a discussion on Bill 21. If you become Prime Minister, will the federal government, under your leadership, legally challenged that bill? I think what we want to do is my approaches always to find a solution, and the best solution would be in respect of Quebec. National Assembly would be a revision of the Bell to remove the parts that are discriminatory against individuals where we clearly have condemned Bill 21. The Greene Park find that to be an unacceptable intrusion into the individual rights of Canadians who have for whatever David Wright. We have. The writer to the charger for freedom of expression, freedom of religion, so the bill is discriminatory in a way that makes it unacceptable how you fix that is a Federal Francis is a prime minister. I would start with trying to work with prime minister Lego and part of the premier of Quebec and asked for him to reconsider, because the the issue and Quebec has Deep Roots back to Bouchard Taylor. Commission. Looking at issues call accommodation, I think it’s quite right to take religious symbols off public buildings and quite wrong to take that principle to individual Canadians and individual quebecers. So I worked to remove the discrimination and hopefully be able to do it conjunction with a government in Quebec that sees it is unacceptable. It just let him clear you, people who are in positions of authority, where is the built-in of itself discriminatory? Well, if you’re taking religious symbols off of buildings, that’s not a problem, but if you’re extending it to individual, that is a problem and I’d rather find a way again, because my goal is always National Unity. I’D rather find a way collaborate with the governor of Quebec and deal with the issue. So that is what is there? Isn’T Court challenge going on right now and there’s no question, but that will continue to go through the court. One hopes that that could come to a satisfactory conclusion to protect rice. The difficulty is, it comes to the cost if the government of Quebec and the people of Quebec steal that Canada is against them. I don’t like any of the divisions in Canadian politics. Albertans to think government is against them. I don’t want them to think that British Columbians or against Elberton and it’s as one country, one family we always have to pull together Bill 21 is clearly challenging in this regard. Does that mean that you hesitate say if you were to be Punisher to intervene in a legal capacity, because you feel that that would be divisive towards quebecers? We don’t want to do any federal leadership. Quite often has I met with Stephen Harper on this point. It at one point before of Quebec provincial election. It all federal leaders would stay out of the Quebec internal politics of their election because it would be seen to be counterproductive. If that’s, why I want to get rid of the discriminatory aspects of Bill 21 as much as possible in concert with the Quebec government pink eye from your logo, not by any kind of legal I’d like to try that first, so you’re not at work. But it’s prime minister one would watch this goes through the courts and decide the right moment, but if you can achieve something through greater kailash operation, that’s always what you should do. Okay, I want to search traffic before I let you go, and I do want to ask you that something that all parties are getting questions about right now and not as candidate wedding. You have to either one of them filled out a questionnaire for the campaign for Life Coalition in 2014-2018, with taxpayers money. Your party spokesperson, told CBC that candidate doesn’t remember filling out the questionnaire. Is that actually acceptable to you? The first candidate? Is she still. She’s? She posted something when she was a teenager that was important, that nobody be wobbly on that point, so there is currently a resounding we do that every candidate we have a quite extensive process. We turn and the way they both fill out questionnaires and we go through their social media history. We look for anything that could possibly play against our values. If we find something that’s against our values, the candidate is declined. So if something – and it said every parties dealing with that these days, we’ve had and in the process of getting yourself elected to Parliament these days, you better be prepared to know that everyone’s going to go through your entire personal history or social history and figure out. If there’s something here, it’s it’s, what does qualify you for office in our case, if somebody doesn’t hold firmly to the view that women have the right to a safe and legal abortion, then they will not be a green Party. Candidate thing. Is it didn’t take long for us to just go on the clc’s website are questionnaires and fine? I think the other candidate were referring to not the original one. You referred to bookmark for Cooter in it was very easy to see that he had filled out right, and it was obvious that he gave very specific answer saying that he wouldn’t support measures to stop unacceptable and, as I said to his position within the party is Being really vetted, someone within the team has assured me they are talking to him to try to figure out how it could happen. If he doesn’t remember something is recent 2018. This is an ongoing question and I’m not satisfied with the answers I got so far, but we do give people a chance to explain themselves of the news cycle goes so very fast at. We need to actually realize that in real life by the time you get someone phone and talk to them at the ri wedding can take longer than 24 hours, but we do move very quickly. Okay, I’ll leave it there. I appreciate your time today. Miss May. Thank you so much thanks SE driving to the CBC News Channel or click the length for another video thanks for watching
Green Party Leader Elizabeth May says her party is in the process of “re-vetting” at least one candidate following questions about past statements by some candidates on abortion.
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