Greg Gutfeld compiles his best monologues for new book

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Greg Gutfeld compiles his best monologues for new book
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I never stopped in Mexico if you are definitely in danger when you stop at the first place you could stop at who knew Deniro’s lasting roll would be irrelevant gasbag pleasing irrelevant. Astros you try to ban you suck but I like the straws not in a good way colleges are using therapy llamas Slackers Democrats believe it’s time for a fresh face can you blame them Gutfeld classic rants from the five and mr. Gutfeld himself TV you can’t listen to me in the morning only at 5 maybe at 9:30 hour launch into them where do you come up with the idea everybody asks me where they can find them lot of times where I screw up good stuff in here that kind of like for tell the election of Donald Trump I’d like to take credit for that course I have a few other people’s opinions before I right keep it under 80 Seconds I try to keep it short insightful and surprising that I try to make sure I have I haven’t said something that someone else has said I need to find the perfect analogy for that your analogies where they come from let other people help me so I’ll say like Liz Warren’s resume is as thin as walk into the Pod where but the G show is three people will shout them out to me criticize it or else you’ll never learn angle that no one else is done and a lot of time to pretend you’ve been drinking truth of something that bothers me about this whole socialism thing didn’t think of before because you kind of loosen the screws did you finally find that place where you’re okay with being yourself and who you are and you just say whatever comes to mind and it’s very funny and I have now is exactly how I was in high school I’m a Class Clown and homeroom in homeroom in high school and I didn’t realize but somehow over these over the summer I was training to do this very thing I did which is strange absolutely available today for pre-order and it shows up at your house tomorrow it’s amazing how you can get it chapter
‘The Gutfeld Monologues’ collects the Fox News host’s best rants from ‘The Five.’

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