Greg Gutfeld on Trump Anxiety Disorder

there’s an old saying in media if you don’t have something nice to say you’ll do great luckily the Press has Trump so they’d never have anything nice to say eventually the starts to become a problem since got elected doctors are seeing patients suffering from Trump anxiety disorder or Tad the symptoms of Tad feeling like the world is ending I wonder why Donald Trump and his erratic Behavior could be leaving the United States towards World War 3 again to normalize this this is dangerous this is childish this is unpresidential the end of the presidential race and feels like the end of the world but that’s why you really can’t mock the ill when there’s a whole industry selling them this kind of Terror as their go-to evil the media has replace climate change with Trump change everything bad in this world is now due to Trump life improves we’ve never been in a better spot with North Korea GDP is going up on employment keeps shrinking optimism is higher than Willie Nelson yet if you listen to The Other Guys the sky isn’t just falling it’s already fallen and I can’t get up it needs Life Alert but as much as the chicken littles hate Trump where would they be without him Trump’s election created a need that we didn’t know we had the media has never been louder celebrities have never been shout here Academia it has never been more stride so haters imagine if Trump were to disappear how large the whole would there be in the lives of CNN and Morning Joe and Chelsea Handler you think these people suffer from Trump anxiety wait till you see Trump withdrawal I know that you can’t go back after Donald is added something to politics that we haven’t seen which is speed not the drug the energy it’s a first time in 8 years so many of the meteor sweating anxiety isn’t from the apocalypse it’s from trying to keep up alright let’s introduce quality shows like mine but Michaels in California and Washington but the majority of my career was spent with the federal government and criminal law as well and I had the additional pleasure of cheering in the NFL while I was an attorney for the Oakland Raiders and I went on a USO tour throughout visiting troops that really does remain to this day my greatest honor there’s mean when it the Blackhawks we flew around in which is an awesome way to travel and well that’s beautiful 72 right yes I asked Seattle I just a beautiful car about caffeine and coffee in California but the reality is that people want to be outraged or affected rather than informed right the whole thing is ridiculous and we’re seeing now that this to me also is another oversimplify over application of the matter oh I have this anxiety syndrome and so that must mean X Y and Z what what is at the root of right fear and Fridays usually from lack of education so we could talk about things of positive news Administration you don’t want to paraphrase a stoic if you are offended you are complicit in the outrage got that from her producer right it’s like you have to learn how to manage the emotions and turn it into something productive correct right because I think Donald plays on emotions everyday I mean he plays the on the Fear Factor he likes to stir up his base with fear he likes to mop oh and intimidate people but here’s the thing you can even make fun of trump derangement syndrome right but I think that look at it from the Democrats one of you Greg that’s the base is Auntie Trump and energized to turn out in the midterm and all the numbers right now are flowing towards the Democrats because the Democratic base is so energized right they are upset about Trump and the rain in a place I’ve never seen it before I don’t even recognize it in some cases and their Outreach but that’s a cycle psychological problem can’t just speak the truth the site your time at the site real serious psychological problems people think something’s wrong when there’s something good going on the taxes to the Working Men of America and it goes to nobody but they’re rich that’s Rat Pack grab America by the back of the neck and then yank it from off the edge of the cliff for some people that’s very thrilling those people are mentally weak I mean we had Generations that stormed the beaches and now they’re I’m in the streets so I think it’s because the media is so negative and the media is constantly saying the sky is falling and people can’t process that it’s also because Trump is constantly battling everybody he’s taking institutions he’s fighting with he’s on Twitter and we’ve never had a president like that before and people can’t process that and then three people are frustrated because they haven’t been able to take him down they’ve thrown everything at this guy and is still at 45 to 46% and that’s incredibly frustrating and they need to see a shrink let’s say you are the shrink and I come in and I go I have all this anxiety over Donald Trump he’s driving me crazy what kind of advice would you give me an action oriented person or are you somebody who needs to just turn off the TV and turn on Twitter Serenity Prayer you ask for wisdom to for the things that you cannot change the courage to know the difference was things that you can and so I think the other thing is the Democrats have done this a large extent which is Channel energy into something else run for office donating decide to turn something into action so that you can actually get involved if you feel like you’re more involved in your actually being able to do something on either side then you can deal with your anxiety better probably I didn’t get enough Twitter is probably good to what Jesse said Emily which is like I think the stress actually is real and it’s not it has packed like five incidents into one day that something controversial once a week but it seems like he just said to him news is shuffleboard like there’s a news item he’ll hit that one out with another news item and then we are just constantly racing and and I can kind of see where that gets exhausting even for us yeah still are in place so we know we’re just talking about California will that still has the highest poverty rate if you take into account cost of living and yet we have 125 proximately billionaires living in that state 500 billion dollars plus LA County just lovers what 430 million dollars worth of debt to combat the homeless problem that is growing by the day so it’s almost a shell game where we are focused on what this media on the headlines oversimplification and then ignoring what he needs our attention later Hollywood responsible for this I think because they’re the ones that are keeping it at a doomsday level and workout Millions when both houses and impeach is that the realistic goal you think I know but I think I think realistically they have a shot at the house if you if that’s what you’re asking Elite it’s the media is everybody but Donald Trump but I’m thinking if I’m anxious if the American people are anxious Anna and courting to what I saw on yours and they are more anxious apparently you can measure this right then and they are more anxious repeated lies what about the IBU stands next to Putin like a submissive puppy and says oh I believe poop not be American I thought he was our president during the Obama Administration that was racial riots there was a lot of domestic Terror attacks there were gas price spikes there was premium specs with the health care situation there was a lot of uncertainty and volatility during that time conservative cost to see a shrink you know what they did they had to drink and they went to work the next day celebrities in Hollywood have said there going to be more engaged now than ever right thing is that the president for President Trump does better if he has someone or something to work against so I really wanted to I hope the Democrats it is better just to sit back write checks and register new voters rather than giving him something to run again it’s not behind closed doors
That’s why you can’t mock the ill, when there’s a whole industry selling them terror.

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