Greyhound bus attack: 10 years later

this is where Greyhound bus 1170 came to a sudden stop ten years ago a man then known is Vince Lee was attacking his seatmate Timothy McClain stabbing decapitating cannibalizing it took 5 hours for police to arrest him this woman was on the bus she still can’t get the sound of screaming out of her head I thought it was just one of those scary movies we can’t identify her or her daughter under child welfare laws two and a half years ago social workers apprehend her baby they said her PTSD made her an unfit mother help until a year ago when the court granted grandmother Guardianship and gave her mother access she is a phenomenal Joy she’s she mesmerizes everybody that comes in contact with her by her little voice and everything she just she’s loved by everybody she says her son’s death lasted big hole in her life but now she also sees some hope and it took a long time to really want to get up every day a few reasons to feel that way to want to get up one of those reasons a grandson but months after Timothy McLean’s death his son was born I was in shock and then scared and then excited and then really worried the mother was young struggling to care for two other children by a different father in 2016 adjudge gave the deli permanent guardianship is a gift a gift from God sent by my son to give me a reason to get up everyday and to take care of and I’m doing that to the best of my ability and she’s still concerned about the family Dynamics so for now doesn’t want the boy’s mother or her ex-husband visiting him unsupervised looking through these it’s sad that we don’t have any recent pictures of him but for now these will to do it means these pictures are all Tim McLean senior has of his son and his grandson he visits his son’s grave sites every week shortly after the attack McLean senior launched a lawsuit against Greyhound 10 years later it’s at an impasse grandson is at all reasonable but for today both parents want the focus to be on their son he was just vibrant energy and I so miss that in my world the way he wanted we’re trying to move on but it’s very hard and I don’t think I don’t think we’ll ever be over it it’s clear in the decade since the attack is that Timothy McClain wasn’t the only victim many depart Karen Paul’s CBC news near Portage la Prairie Manitoba Timothy McClain a judge ruled that he was not criminally responsible correct mr. Lee is a schizophrenic mr. Lee had a severe mental disease whether he was in his right frame of mind or not he still did the Act somebody there was nobody else on that bus hold the knife mental facility in Salford but in 2012 he was allowed to go out if he was a company 2014 that was no longer required and by 2050 he could visit Winnipeg and applying to live in a group home last year he was granted an absolute discharge by the Manitoba criminal code review board he no longer required provision and he goes by in unit will Baker
The Greyhound bus attack that killed Timothy McLean still haunts his family 10 years after it happened. The National spoke to McLean’s mother, as well as others who were on the bus, for more on how that horrific day is still affecting them.

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