Gulf tensions intensify, Trump’s ban on Huawei, Europe far-right rally, Eurovision in Israel

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Gulf tensions intensify, Trump’s ban on Huawei, Europe far-right rally, Eurovision in Israel
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Gulf tensions intensify, Trump’s ban on Huawei, Europe far-right rally, Eurovision in Israel
Gulf tensions intensify, Trump’s ban on Huawei, Europe far-right rally, Eurovision in Israel
Is the world this week 7 days for paris-based correspondence one hour the world this week in partnership with back to the show we want to Welcome by Fat Mike Isabella, who is France, 24 Fame? Are you welcome back to the show and welcomed back as well to journalist print capitis, whose books include Mona Lisa’s pajamas? How are you should we worry golf claims of sabotage chips, the withdrawal of non-essential, US Embassy Personnel from a rock and a so-called maximum pressure campaign out of Washington? That’S looking to stop all Iranian exports of oil. I hope not says Donald Trump Donald Trump of this Friday, he’s sitting by the phone for ready for direct talks with Iran, but so far no one’s called me surprised, sit on that elected more tattoo to reduce American commitments around the world, rather to increase them only His base wants a war, the US general, so they don’t want to war than the US military’s warning. They certainly don’t want it. Accidents in things that he’s doing raise raise, I don’t think he wants a war. There was a president 1988, the USS Vinson, for that. What’S a John Bolton wants a war so he’s obsessed obsessed by that, so you do have some like Rogue elements in the in the end. What do you make of this week future? I know this and then it’s all Fallen since you again, though, the withdrawal, the Personnel from a rock, when a little bit more. Why Mike Pompeo suddenly skipped going to meet Angela Merkel to go off to Baghdad kehlani the way that no one was expecting, maybe to hootie’s to make such a technological improvements you know. So I think it was a surprise then, and I don’t think that Iran is really willing to have such a kind of military confrontation with the United States. What is also very interesting talking about the United States this week we have last week was this week Mike Pompeo went and he made his first visit to Russia. He went to Sochi and he made love rough, but also Vladimir poutine, and he was I mean that there was a man was came inside. The American delegation, which name is Jeff Jeffrey and James Jeffrey, is the former Ambassador in turkey and then he was in Iraq. Still he’s a man who knows the Region’s very well he’s now the special, an Envoy in Syria, and he was just sitting next to him during the meetings and what Christopher said right after he was talkin about the wrong, but mostly about Syria, saying that Iran must Withdraw its forces from Syria, so I think it’s much more for the United taste for sure on the Nvidia way to to get inside a new war associated in the past with the sauti back nek opposition group. For is he listening to Mike Pompeo in my office, which I’m very fond of photo wish. I were there a night together cuz we both covered Gulf War 2 for Bloomberg, News in the region on the ground and I’m actually quite interested to see what add up to a tinker’s damn in this whole thing, it’s all about Saudi Arabia and Prince Ali Muhammad, Who a war with Iraq has been last year? He released an animated video of himself, and I wish we had at the show the audience you can find it on the internet. I believe of him weighted Army of Saudi soldiers into a ran, and I think it’s the Saudis, but we have to look to hear because I agree with everything great said about this: about Trump doesn’t want to walk, and I agree with what you said that you Know Bolton, you know, he’s a chickenhawk basically at the end of the day, but he wants a war. No, because we’re not getting any real reports from inside mohammed-bin-salman regime on this is the one who calls the shots in the White House watching Jared Kushner does, but certainly with with MBS what every week it’s all about the oil flow right in the Straits of Hormuz. You know you’re looking at what 40 % of the world’s oil traffic comes through the Straits of Hormuz 40 %. Now conflict is going to shut that off the Americans. Don’T want that to happen, but the Saudis could care less, and I noticed that the Saudis wear hell-bent-for-leather in both instances they care about the geopolitical consequences. Of course you know. Ben Shaman is not doing that whatsoever and he’s working with his real and they’d, certainly like to see it. He spoke to get off the phone with Cece and he backed off start Olivia. He got off the phone with everyone and pull the troops out of Syria to this. Miyabi has a tendency to be kind of played by these people, and I think I think, is it danger that he could be played by one of these guys for the last 15 years. Now is the winner and Syrian Revolution, and all that you know that they have basically in bed with a national asada control Iraq thanks to the two second grade, they are hurting, but the people who is hurting have no influence on what the regime does. He has the second largest economy in the Middle East and North Africa, then in a wreck when do sanctions for 10 years before in Prague, the traffic that they control. One final Point: unless you mention that drone strike on the oil pipelines in Saudi Arabia, if we chalk up in a grim fashion, The Losers of the week, it’s the people of Yemen, because there was a an air strike that hit hit the capitals Sonata V6 killed. Quite decided to keep on going, you know, and – and there are making some improvements to the question again now is just say: Okay made some improvements, some technological improvements that looks very unlikely to you to believe that they made that by themselves very W David had some Help and everyone is thinking about Iran, but once again, I think that you know he’s very smart, let’s see from Juran to push them to us to launch such attacks, knowing that the United States is strata the man and that the solution in their own Advantage strategic Importance of oil Sprouts a twentieth-century concern enza from some the u.s. Iran standoff, pales in comparison to the escalating trade tension between Washington and Beijing. It went to a whole new level on Wednesday when Donald Trump signed executive order, declaring the US Telecom Sector 8 in a state of National Emergency. Those are his words, and that has been since an effective ban on 5G player Huawei, a band which has been met with all the predictable reaction out of Beijing. We strongly opposed being which goes against news down this path. We will respond with countermeasures. Are you surprised at how about the trade War Huawei absolutely not surprised actually? And I think that you know if we need to be like reality, because we need to be realistic, and some giant like Apple, for example, apple, is not able to be to to make a project by itself in the way that they need to have some products. Coming from the foreign countries in the United States, but then Furniture in some countries and then manufacture the product the same for the in some other countries, so meaning that when Donald Trump is taking such decisions – and it will also be like a hard time for the Same American Giants companies it’s coming also at a time when the US economy is booming, and so, if there is any time to perhaps make this kind of sacrifice at bottom of describing Donald Trump as a strong hand. These days raging, mediocrity of the Trump Administration is now in a part of daily life. What is an excellent point? Trickle-Down Theory: globalization, the Chinese neighborhood of 70 billion dollars of components gizmos from more than 13,000 companies in the United States is real Compass trying to do with America in control. I’M putting this all part of the same weaponization of the dollar game planned. Is colonization like the old East, India company’s new American companies in China to do your manufacturing hear that’s the talk of someone who didn’t take economics in his junior year in high school. I mean really – and it’s not me you can talk to any like economist phds – know tell you this is it all of them are all free turn. The French or the Germans are crazy that they would install this equipment if they’ve all like UNIF. It all has a direct line to someone listening in China, mobile operators in this country. Anna Debra Messing up military power, United States all around China, and I think it’s just a one episode Elemental question. There is a war going on in the world for economic and political dominance connected like this. Now, if you’re a worker, if you have a company who would you rather have beer boss? Who, where would you rather live? Where would you rather do work for a Chinese company which is run by the Communist Party of China, which throws hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the concentration camps, does not allow Wikipedia? We can go down the list. All of our viewers know them with United States of America. You, mr. and mrs. consumer, you Global business man, you have to make the choice and what Trump is doing is he’s shoving that choice down people’s throats. That’S what’s happening when we come back pick up on this point: stay with us you’re watching the world. This just joining us! It’S the world this week, taking partnership with The Daily Beast, who is author of Mona Lisa’s pajamas? Before the break, we were discussing the standoff between the superpowers over a technology, the Holy Grail – if you will of the 21st Century Economist newspaper Palmer era, was quoting figures that show just how much this is not cold war, because two billion dollars worth of trade a Year, the Soviet Union and was trying to do 2 billion dollars a day, it’s impossible to the links between these two countries, but initial dominance and pressure than really know when you think could be used with hey to to listen to our conversation. And it’s interesting because we forget that the NSA has listen to North Hills phone for four years and I just don’t take it seriously. Republican Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton upping the pressure on Europe with his tweet, where he got a hail, the Donald Trump’s decision – and he says it’s still tight joining us. The response. Well, the French President, as he toured the Vive text, somebody Ron in Paris on Thursday all over the world, and I’m not one of those who say that we have to strike a trade war against China. Quite the opposite. But China has a very state-centered model where the government has a very important role and it does not share our principles regarding individual liberty, vivitek. That was the. How did Emmanuel macron do when it came to cuz? This was right in the middle of the storm, just after the announcement by Trump that statement the same time what he says, I’m in the position before the president of France is to say: let’s, let’s not be naive, but let’s not also lose from from this war. In the way that today is not forbidden, friends from here to Canada can work with some French companies. But what the government says is that who will be watching very closely what they’re doing here? And I think it’s maybe maybe the solution here, because at the end of the day I can Matthew security problem or is it like just that we’re trying to slow down a giant that made massive progress during the last minute you you have to run fast at The end of the day, so you can be like sitting and crying like a kid and saying like I don’t want to play with you, because you are better than me what’s Francais now is that we need once again. Took me. Let’S not be naive, so maybe we need to work. Maybe we have something from that: the technology for the phone’s more and more coming from China. So I’m one of the few that can actually build systems from start to finish. I don’t think any of them can build a whole network. Tell you yes, we can do it. The people who want to buy the great. How much is it going to cost watch cheaper Sia? That’S that’s the reason, because if these countries were so concerned about security, your bucks but they’re, not all about shareholder value – is that the term I’m looking for the tightrope Act of are your thoughts on it. Don’T need to go and I will return it, but at the same time we should be there in just covered in covered. So that’s my ghost Thai all the way, but is he something that concerns friends the very much now it’s really something I should I mean just you know catching the ball and that’s it more broadly, this this Vita Tech Summit. It follow the tech for good Summit. There was also this Christ Church called New Zealand prime minister and others like the leaders of Canada, usna Galaxy Jordan. I also showed up to try this particularly new in this Christchurch call. It seemed to to replace a lot of earlier pledges. We’Ve had from social media companies to better police content that the u.s. – I don’t think where are valid, races, put up manifestos on Facebook and then live streams is killing Rampage and it stayed up forth up there for an hour and had $ 1000000 load. So you know where 6, to prevent that kind of stuff from happening domestically to unemployment, which has dropped to a five-year low, but it still the far-right European elections Bill salvini, Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister in Milan for a big rally on Saturday that brings together all of The far right from the true Finns to alternative for Germany, afd, don’t call him at far-right, outdated category Liberty, census government took all of her know. You got this big rally tomorrow of all these, these, these parties that pretend to have some, but they don’t at all and they’re, divided on all sorts of things. Just take Le Pain and salvini, Italy can go elsewhere. Where is the pain with closed borders in Europe? So that the migrants arrive in Italy can’t arrive in France really want more Powers coming back to National capitals from from from from the European Union Middle nationalists in that sense. But when you do a drill down to their specific to their specific policies, which is, why did never been able to create one common group in the European Parliament running up to abandon and trying to show his eyes action in the end with that type of guys? At the status of a rockstar in the interview – and I think crisis – it’s true – it’s a defining moment for them because they weren’t there like they have part of their speech, is like anti-capitalist. Diseno capitalism has reached the end of the cycle as 2008. That’S shown, and basically, populism is the future and you guys have a choice between two popular material us with a with a pro-business agenda that the Reds, the car being the middle, shoulder their standards. Make it have more salvini. Are the French democracy from the from the the danger of having a very by the way in competent party at the at the head of the state? So it has been. I think I mean I’ve been following the Jean movement, not for a while and there’s a reality here I mean it’s true that you have a 20 % of France that is left over, and that was absolutely you want find any decent space in in the in. In the workforce for the for the next year or so voting for them – and they will continue your film The thing about these guys. – They are fascists: okay, call a fascist, a fascist, post, Marie Le Pen, you’re a fascist, they seemed very organized, or at least more Organized than they were 10 years ago, I’m just not looking is an opposition that is as organized as they are or better. As an example, here he’s probably going to win, you know the election, the European Parliament, which is astonishes me because call each all of us recover well, that remains were all pro EU, but the pro-eu parties getting any votes, at least in the polls at all, is That is that an accurate observation, the user, The Social Network? Well, then, then they used to. Let me know that’s what Ben and tell them. We have the technological means to win in the US as as as put bolsonaro in power and that we left program like what program send it to the same in Publix of every word that just pretend that they are what they called a real people. So maybe deal position is just like you know. We just want to bring two things and that’s kind of is like the UK. Yes, the brexit party will do well, but if you add up in the UK, all the parties that are pro remain, they might get more than 50 % of the vote. If you add up there splintered but thing under all so much okay is baby. Fascists is clearly with them with the opposite side with the populace would is clear and Italy is that there it’s Crystal Clear the latest surveys before the Italian election Save-A-Lot ever the deadline for pulling it. This is the French opinion polls 23 versus 22 %, but if you’d seen the numbers for a Italy, 30 %, I believe for for salvini 5 *. The Democratic party which is now the center and all of the left is getting is pulling what 22 %. When he’s 22 %, this is the country party. In a bit of a battering, I mean, that’s the that’s. The big hole in European politics right now is established. It’S because they’ve gone to the far left, so you can hardly even say that there’s really a suck establishment center-left anymore, that’s that’s their base. Now you saying you had a rough week is blowback. It seems against salvini. There’S been trouble in the cabinet bed sheet. That read you’re not welcome before an event in that northern city will since then, there’s been so-called balcony protest against to salvini and dogged him wherever wherever he it’s quite something to see. This is all over the uzi. At some point, the salvini over reach is 40 % leaders. It’S not he’s not tired of sawdust salvini yet, but if you wants his, his Facebook phase is hardest on Facebook, page just a little too much of what he has for breakfast. What he has for dinner. You know what he’s watching on TV that night is latest ranting about immigrants, so I just have to be a little careful to it’s, not the test, people’s patience too much strong. Yes, it’s the Eurovision song contest this weekend this year in Tel Aviv, a location that has fans of glitter and ketchup pop anthems, asking the same question that will visiting football fans. Are World Cup qualifiers he’s a little confused it. The restaurant is politics because, at the end of the day at I have the feeling that you know the gift points according to I mean if they have some allies or if they want to make some progress. To think that it’s maybe not the best thing to do to her turn the times to to launch boycotts by certain groups, a butt, because I’ve been like less than, but she she still be friends and they’ve always said you know we should be in in the Er, because that would smooth things down with it, arkesha Pro liquid, stuff and people, but at the same time I think it’s complicated to being a country where we all know that something has to be done in favor of my favorite Justice and and its tail now. For years and years and years – and it’s another way for me not to dig into other the only important topic in the area, which is how do you solve the will – there be more votes registered in Eurovision Euro elections? How do you power has started a campaign for next year picture of Irish and Roman under the hashtag they’re trying to get everybody to vote for the UK on Saturday night I mean how can you not enjoy your vision? It’S just drink a fetus at 9000. It’S time now for me to watch – and we say hello to Emma Jane her – that we begin with the gay rights it’s the day when Taiwan, legalized same-sex marriage, transphobia and biphobia, it’s its full title, is a bit of a mouthful speaking. The message is a very simple one: UNICEF tweeting at this today, a very simple Message: Love Is Love. A lot of people thinking that. Really is today is supposed to be about.. This method of the talk I love another crying discrimination is not an option at love as love now is he mentioned Taiwan, of course, at the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage. Today, head of the votes, the president of Taiwan, we have a chance to make history and show the wall the progressive values take root in an East Asian society. Today we can show the world, but love, wins and ended. Lofted with the United States today are. There was a boat that you buy for the equality bill. It’S unlikely to become normal because it will hit a stumbling block in the Senate, but it did pass through the House of Representatives despite the fact. So that happened quite a bit of resistance through in the House of Representatives unlikely to become the love that I have another interesting thing to happen today. It may be coincidental that this came to an end. This story that the rumbling on for over a month now full out an Australian rugby player very well 9562 games in Hill Country has been Australia. It has cooled a huge round, won’t haentze that was hell, awaits homosexual, but he’s completely Unapologetic about it. The post remains for his 359000 followers on Instagram. Is it in the middle that I drunk same-sex adulteress phone cases to you is what he had to say. If I can April expression, he has said that himself he’s considering his options now he may appeal against Australia’s decision, but he says it is freedom of expression. It’S Freedom, if it’s religious right, but he doesn’t seem to accept that there is freedom. alongside everybody else has pointed to. The United States has soft power and what better example than Game of Thrones I’ve never seen a single and going out little tired of it and then not impressed with his long-awaited season 8, which is the very end of it. All at Lost episode will air on Sunday or wait and see what the reception is like, because at funds have been taking to change the whole remake Game of Thrones season 8, with competent righteous more than 800,000 people have slain.. Now it’s taking up incompetent when they didn’t have the books full back on this series is as a final season that makes sense now. Have I got news for you which of the UK comedy show have this to say A Game of Thrones fans petition, because the show about zombies, dragons and a boy who can turn into a pigeon has become a bit far-fetched off late spelling of fishing and to The theories Rolling Stone has not moved into your did with the two righteous off the show about the reactions of signs, and they said we know full well, but they won’t be shy about it if they don’t like it, they haven’t, as far as I know, he’s On the reactions so far, what time Saint Lucie internet celebrity with a pissing seven young, but he isn’t that’s why he looks a bit funny you posted on Reddit. Sexy is a million dollars for her that she might be. It should be rolling around favorite tribute ICU online today and a fitting tribute to the Grumpy Cat it. To conclude, this week’s show many thanks for being with us here in the world this week.
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Our panel of journalists discuss the biggest topics of the week, starting with the Gulf claim of sabotaged ships and the withdrawal of non-essential U-S embassy personnel from Iraq. In the meantime trade tensions mount between Washington and Beijing with President Trump signing an executive order to ban Huawei. In Europe, Le Pen joins Matteo Salvini in Milan for a big rally Saturday that brings tohether all of the far-right. And Eurovision song contest goes to Israel, location that seems controversial.

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