Gutfeld: NYC, San Francisco have rich, guilty liberals

California was for many years the Golden State Greg Gutfeld I are both from there now human waste and Drug needles are piling up in the streets and regular middle-class people are fleeing faster than they can rent Ryder truck it’s on a Model to imitate unless you were the mayor of New York he’s looking to open new needle exchange sites in New York is the city isn’t dirty enough frequent TCT guest chadrick Murray Street feces in New York City is already skyrocketing we might as well go. Francisco Greg Gutfeld show Saturdays at 10 p.m. everyday co-host the five here on Fox U-joints it’s great to see you the name of my band by the way New York looks at Los Angeles and thanks hold my herbal tea I can do worse and so they sit there like he was already chosen not to arrest people over public urination so now they technically are the Golden State that’s disgusting but also amusing and deeply true and in 6 years and the reason is is San Francisco in Los Angeles and New York have in common are rich guilty liberals and if you have a lot of Rich guilty liberal they will allow for any kind of bad decisions stupid decisions any kind of soap list ideas because they can afford it the other people can’t but they can’t that’s why I have this incredible wealth inequality in California you have the Pelosi Estates and then you have the tent cities underneath la creasey’s dystopian fantasies like the handmaid’s tale and how evil this is didn’t have to they all have to do is look out the window and look out the window it is exactly right I hate eBay talk to her friends here every one of your books over many years including your unpublished postmodern novels which were weird but the greatest book ever that will ever be written so just stop even write anymore people put your commentary on book monologues I end up writing why I was wrong out to update everything so it’s actually two books in One Direction amazing poet from 72 to 75 and amazing my tile of rhyming fun so if you were to sum up this book in one sentence if you were to extract from it its Essence in a garlic press and squeeze hard what would come out it’s a book about how to persuade people and how to how to be going to be wrong this is a book in which I look at my own writing and I see where I persuaded and where I failed and I just think it’s something that can entertain you and it’s it’s a great gift for Father’s Day what’s your biggest fear that was a month ago there was a joke I didn’t even know that I’m a father a great stocking stuffer and now again wrong better this is a perfect Labor Day if you’re the best part of New York
‘The Five’ co-host Greg Gutfeld on the deterioration of San Francisco, the growing urban decay of NYC and his new book, ‘The Gutfeld Monologues.’ #Tucker

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