Gutfeld on 2020 Dems trying to act human

Gutfeld on 2020 Dems trying to act human
Gutfeld on 2020 Dems trying to act human
If you can retire, maybe he can change the world well, that went great choreographed as the ice capades cutting out some of this year here that you get when you get older. So I’m here at the dentist and were going to continue our series on the people. The Border calendar the coffin of his dead campaign or dig a ditch where he could bury the unsold copies of Vanity. Fair, maybe return home to borrow money from the in-laws. Meanwhile is earful of reality from a farmer. Do Dil says we need to get rid of cows? I don’t agree with that. The truth left your call that Kamala finds no rest and a rest home. Then she threw her behind Barz. Well, that was bad. Why is that we’ll need our lives or Kamala seem interested or comfortable president to love him or hate him he’s a cheap one, great thing by comparison, he makes every politician who still act like one looked kind of phony Trump right off the bat said: I’m not Kissing any babies and never let his unique personality become subservient to political fakery to everyone else. Who plays this game since Trump, look, weird or desperate, you think they figured it out by now, you aren’t going to be Trump with. Let’S Pretend We’re real you win by being real too bad. That’S not an option for the Dems, the only real people that they see if they have seemed to be ignored or mocked like Maryann, the others cookie-cutter clones and Trump is the Cookie Monster. Everybody just kind of looks, fake Trump broke that steal and it can’t ever be the same and there’s only one person on that Battlefield that can match him, and I think we know who that is. I need to be anybody she’s the real deal and she’s fighting a psychological battle, with major difference that all those others abilities on the health-care face with Kamala Harris is going to question, but wait. What are you really for, and how can you say, you’re going to do these things without messing up something else you can when you’re talking to about Healthcare to a senior citizen, they love their Medicare and they don’t believe that their Medicare will remain the same problem. Good luck just said last week that I have in El Paso because I think that’s obviously it’s different, but the thing is America, so everything that you pointed out is actually targeting zeroing in on their big, as vulnerabilities did, was destroy the fakeness of American presidential campaigning Demonstrate their authenticity by we know I live in New Hampshire, we don’t get the my pillow ads. We just get these political ads all the time, so we have her John Kasich, I’m proud to say. I was born. The son of a mailman Lehman Brothers win the he what he means he’s a brother. He was on the board sound of a president week and is Bernie he’s the real deal, because I’m always wrong. Humanizing politicians is American as apple pie. Since I have covered politics, it’s always been there right that infect if your political consultant – and you don’t tell your candidate to get human too, and if somebody told Donald Trump, why don’t you hire young people to stand around while you go down the golden escalator instruct Them to put on T-shirts and two-way, I believe that what happened after the TV show TV show for today do you know who Marianne Williamson we got. Some that’s a good thing about her is that you know she says you can’t walk. Anybody is darkness and hatred, and you got to come with love, cohesive argument going to have a beer with a really sad that you need Consultants to tell because it has to be attacked a human. But I think it’s a problem because they’re not actually for train. What do you find a beta were out there doing something that was authentic, that he actually did say today by the way I change a tire, that’s pretty obvious to everybody and then you’re tripping over their own feet. I think you see it with Joe Biden. They’Re tripping over their own feet to try to figure out what their voters want and you’re right. This would work if you were running, I think work running against someone like Romney. I think it would work running against someone who was this free program. Candidates who sat with consultants and got lectured about how to be human but they’re running against the guy who won by just saying whatever you have to say, are they correct? So it doesn’t work, so they should spend less time trying to do this and more time trying to figure out like hate who are we running against and if we actually win. What are we going to look like trying so hard? She wasn’t trying to do anything, but just say what you got to say: walks up behind Hillary Clinton looks like Donald Trump mistakes, one and you got your uncle or whoever talkin don’t go for him, but at least
Political stunts backfiring on 2020 Democratic presidential candidates. #TheFive #FoxNews

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