Gutfeld on adult vs. teenage politics

Gutfeld on adult vs. teenage politics
Well, the midterms used to be like boring, didn’t they remember what they were people say they say. What is that? What is it right now? It’S the hottest thing. The midterms are really more like spring break for older children, a craze group of see nothing but evil. In Trump think Dan’s gone wild now, they’re even stripping like your life, depends on it. That’S an actual adult exactly two years ago, these kids got their blind rage on and never took it off. There was no pleasing them, especially if they’re well-off enough not to be affected by a great economy or job market. They don’t need Trump. The way the rest of Erika. And Trump does make a great Target. He’S a Law & Order guy defending the process behind borders. National anthem, domestic security, it’s one word boundaries. Boundaries exist to frame the password of gold Wyoming without fences, it’s just another chunk of the planet and you get order and logic. You need them for a country’s identity and you need them as laws which allow people to leave free lives without harm. What’S the problem, will any Law and Order ant becomes heartless because the left separates the process which is enforcing laws from the results which is creating order? So military cops they’re, just big meanies, it’s childish to pretend, but it works. So please vote is about adults versus those with a teenage view of the world and even though the kids know that, without grown ups, they be dead. Who cares? Because the adults will always be around hurting feelings, making rules and posing limit making life possible? It’S just have a hard time, forgiving grown-ups for making life possible. Your perfect example Dana Bill de Blasio, stupid Zilla security bed already made for him by by Giuliani and then Bloomberg New York would be in chaos, mainly because his idea ideology forbids being Prokop Pro Law and Order even see it a rotating, not even his second term. So you can, you can absolutely see, that’s why I didn’t Democrats are going to have to really sit down and try to figure out. What are they for on immigration? Policies are very much like Barack Obama’s the deportations family separation. We’Ve already talked about that. Obviously that was a the Democrats have to figure out what can we do for because they will not win and races where Republicans have won, if they don’t figure out what they’re going to say on it, what should they do? Laura there’s a headline that says whatever the results tonight bado set to emerge Victorious. I think the way we have to look at this people do and Greg on the substance. You cannot argue with Trump’s policies yet for the past year, that’s better than they were in 2010. So far, I just want to say, as the oldest person sitting here, I want to stand up for the young people, because guess what the only one of the young people tonight. What we know is that in Georgia, State like Georgia, 4 times the rate of turnout in 2014, Texas and Nevada 5 times Greg and Arizona three times, so what you see is young people more engaged. This is goes to the top of your monologue, which is Trump, has made midterms more relevant, more interesting, more essential for Americans, and I think we engage people in the political process who previously thought and Midtown Zorro elections and a lot of those folks. From the Democratic perspective thought Hillary Clinton going to win yeah, I’m in truck, makes everything hot. Right now I mean the economy, Twitter, trade, Liars Lakers at liberals at for flying off the shelves also some negative things. You know we now know how hot the special counsel, as we know who Jim Acosta is, unfortunately, but if you put name in front of everything it just makes it good friend, since I only eat Trump steaks, and I didn’t know what it was until I saw It you are pathetic.
Two years ago, Trump’s critics got their blind rage on and never took it off.

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