Gutfeld on Trump serving a third term

Gutfeld on Trump serving a third term
Gutfeld on Trump serving a third term
There’S a theory in most contest the team having more fun wins and the team that loses its sense of humor loses. Take Friday when President Trump will be president forever and ever yeah. That’S real normal people, IE people, not in the media and therefore not under the spell of the rational sessions, saw this as light-hearted trolling mocking the trigger Trump critics like this fella here. If he loses Trump, he will go. I’Ve been saying before he got elected and he was a comedian once it’s so obvious. It hurts, but still the media reports, earnings immediate headlines screamed Trump hosts insane Twitter, video threatening to be fraternity, threatening what moron write this stuff, it’s hard to say. Really they got a staff of them, I’m anxiously awaiting their Expose and why the chicken really cross the road. What does time fly if you throw a clock from the air 3 pinocchios? How do these people get so to use the medical term stupid, while the media wants operating under the guise of Journalism? Are now just Hall monitors in Sphinx their jobs reduce the screaming joke, but not to us. They barely get out of bed anymore, the workplace, attire sweatpants and an open bathrobe, but that’s today’s media reporting on you as you make them the butt of the joke. Like Chuck you about a third term. You’Ve joked about she walk out recently, I said: watch will drive the media crazy, let’s go for a third term and then a fourth and some of the media said he is going to do it. It’S too easy and almost unfair to think we’re going to have at least two three or four terms of this. Then it jokes as the real thing or is it really is a disorder it’s becoming one God. Obviously that was funny the killing joke about that. But if you talked about abolishing the Electoral College – real, that’s not a joke, so stupid humor list. If he’s never going to leave, you could be serious when in fact is Hillary and the left who hasn’t accepted the last results of the election member. They called him an illegitimate Russian hacker for two years and then you have all the holdovers like Yates and McCabe and Comey try to constantly under. I think the strategy for the media Greg. Is it they’re trying to give the Democrat voters a shot of adrenaline and you guys need to be trumped by a larger margin.? It can’t be a small margin. It can’t be like a million The Beatles handle in the Electoral College, because this guy is a felon. This guy’s a cheater, this guys are willing polluter and, if it’s, if it’s really close, he’s going to say, there’s fraud he’s going to say you guys cheated and he’s going to stay. What’S the amendment again that start limited terms all the time and Article 2 establishes the executive branch and says that it’s two terms why you know the thing about this is: on the one hand, I said this to you before at the end of the 2016 race, When people ask them what happens, if you lose, he said well, maybe maybe not I’ll. Go I’ll, accept the results right now he was joking there, but that’s what he said in the same interview he says. Oh, you know I won the popular vote and what are you talkin about people who were should have been taken off? The registration is, there’s no evidence of fraudulent voting taking place. So to me the question is: why are we having this segment prove? The greatest point of the last cannot have fun you take this social. I love the fact that he’s doing more of these mainstreaming, a hilarious laugh out loud, actually benefit yourself by not overreacting to it. Cuz any probably be less inclined to want to do it, but it’s not just Hillary Clinton that can accept the results of the election. For 2016 Stacey Abrams, who is still saying, mmxviii people like Joe Biden and Pete buttigieg. All these Democrats have no better that are saying that somehow she would have been the governor of Georgia, despite the fact that the 2018 midterm election suppress in a tremendous amount of people that turned out she just lost. Her was, in fact, a polling places. The president is a powerful man. You should not be sitting here having to debate Stacey Abrams Democrat results of the election conceited
President Trump mocks his critics with a parody video. #TheFive #FoxNews

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