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official see through hundreds of thousands of men from around the world Kentucky for cheap hair transplant surgery patients are coming from location where I can’t be repaired I have been case reports around the world of people actually dying from hair transplants police in Middlesbrough with his mom and dad in a week’s Time Pool being a flight to tacky to have had transplant surgery come to see me doing this all night I want to find out why he’s doing it so I’ve had to meet him and his family you feel that pools having a separation line is not as Julia’s used to be and it’s not as confident as used to be so I’m just hoping that if this just go right that it’s going to bring back the human in the Ole call back again and has been saving up to 6 months for this treatment which will cost him 1400 lb he tells me what he sees when he looks in his hat in the mirror say people Okami 2002 why do you feel you have to do something about it though it happens and there’s a chance something could go wrong this being one case of somebody even dying off to having a hair transplant in India possibly after reacting badly to an anesthetic I know the man have done permanent damage to the hair because I know how much it affected me Jerry have two transplants the seven you hadn’t gray back now he can’t have any more surgery he wanted to warm pool that he’s now stuck with her that he hates situation where I can’t be repaired and I’ll Never Never Get Well I said in the beginning just had doesn’t look good all season cuz you’ll stay focused on it going right kind of shelf the option that it could go wrong Kona weekend mostly when I’m off work who’s taking me to his local Social Club to meet his best night he told me that some of that banter about his hat has made him question the way he looks you going bald but it’s obviously having such a big impact on his confidence that despite the rest he’s determined to go ahead with the surgery Istanbul is hair transplant City thousands of men travel from all over the world to get lipo surgery in turkey and if you walk around patience easy to spot them 300 clinics and businesses offering hedgehogs not said one Health Care Agency told us inquiry UK about head lice treatment in tuckee have almost doubled in the past two years I come here with pulled and he’s letting his film the whole procedure it is faster tacky and he’s only going to be here for 48 hours mechanic pool meets his surgeon for the first time is Harry’s inspected I don’t want that look fake gentleman I want to just look natural with Mark patents and he’s prepared for surgery who will be awake for this 8 Hour operation this looks painful but it’s actually needle-free gun used to inject a local anesthetic 2700 half articles at Akins in the back of his head when he still has lots of have the surgery would have cost pole around full-time this match and he stayed at home to have it done back in the UK some surgeons of concerned about patients traveling long distances for hedgehogs and stress this procedure shouldn’t be seen as a quick fix is not being able to have ongoing continual follow up with your surgeon there’s some very very experienced very well-qualified hair transplant surgeons in Turkey but it is a bit of pot luck should have it done in a horse if anything happens we have right steps to do the right intervention to the patient pushing hat into his head the surgeon say it will be at least 6 months until puseys good results having watch this so close up I can tell that has been more grueling than expected it’s a thousands of other young men putting themselves through this celebrities are having it done you see a lot of face on social media and men are more and more image-conscious than ever before and that concerned really important to have a psychological evaluation before rushing into any cosmetic surgery procedure some people have underlying low self-esteem and the surgery is not actually going to fix anything they’re not going to be happier off to where it and they may focus on other areas that they want to improve and it becomes addictive or obsessive to see his new look with the procedure Aviva Oppo candy now is head high and I’m waiting to see if and how his hair grows back I meant later I’m back in Middlesbrough to see how booze has growing and to find out how his new-look is going down with his family is the West. For hedgehogs from patients after around 10 days that have from the transplanted follicles whose out and it can take up to 6 months then you had to properly grow back and all the stands out I know he’s around in an industry making cosmetic surgery cheaper it looks like more more guys will be going to extreme lengths to change the way they look but I wonder fight like poo said he’s already considering going back for more TV pressure these shows like love island in the going to be like then and it’s not really that’s not the way to weld he finally is bald
Each year thousands of men fly to Turkey to go under the knife to stop them losing their hair.
The BBC’s Tiffany Sweeney follows one of them as he undergoes the costly procedure miles from home to see how effective the operation is.

Producers: Ed Ram, Chris Robinson and Dino Sofos

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