Halloween: How did we fall in love with pumpkins? – BBC News

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Halloween: How did we fall in love with pumpkins? – BBC News
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Halloween: How did we fall in love with pumpkins? – BBC News
Pumpkins everywhere that share it, maybe Halloween pumpkin, and when to go to do with the pets you scraped out how to pumpkin coffee – or maybe you even picked out your own pumpkin from a farm, meaning of cool, taking lots of photos to fill your social media feed. Obviously the tradition of carving pumpkins comes from the United States. Well actually know there was a very strong tradition of carving root vegetables in the British Isles, going right back to the Middle Ages, probably on the vegetable that they would be coughing with a root vegetable and turn in islands and in esophagus England. I will call in case and cold jack-o’-lanterns is Halloween to North America weather the vegetable available around this time of year. That’S going to make good lansons is the pumpkin and it’s much much easier. Pumpkins run deeper than just being an old terminal. Colors crop. That’S easy to make him to Atlanta and one of the coolest things about the story. Revitalization of the very thing the pumpkin represents the small family farm, the pumpkin Trenton to Lush dip on pumpkins for Halloween cooking, taken over by pumpkins to KC for the Tomorrowland. In the last 3 years we started growing pumpkins, which was something new to us here, already well-known fry fruit during the summer months. So it was just an optional expansion and progression. 2, do something later in the ass, so yeah, it’s it’s a huge benefit to the business of of pumpkins grow even further in the future. Second Fields, morals and a sense of virtue. He’S are all Traditions that come old tradition to come from England to, and I think maybe in this time of Discord that we have across the world with brexit in England, people returned with sensimist Algebra 2, these old fashioned ways to make a living in the land. As much as they move into cities and they move into office jobs over the years, people still like to think of themselves at Farmer’s at heart and all that that represents
Pumpkins are everywhere right now, but are they just an import from the US or does the history go further back?

Kathryn Hamlett looks at where the Halloween tradition really comes from.

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