Hank the mini pig is #lifegoals | Animalkind

Hank the mini pig is #lifegoals | Animalkind
Hank the mini pig is #lifegoals | Animalkind
Having a lot more stuff as a part of New Orleans, it blows our minds, like people show up with signs for Hank, don’t be like they’ll have signs there like we love, you hanker like throw me something: Hank, first birthday party and like 300. What time does 40th birthday at Port Orleans after us more like a true copy and Hank battery every summer and Hank sponsors a team? We, like the food bank – that’s a Cheesy charity, Frank to pair with, because he’s okay, his favorite thing is his little kiddie pool and sleep right in between Wheels legs and my leg and Ankle crawl up between our legs. Pretty like wants to see the television to see like what’s happening with Brandon today he is clever. He tricked me into giving him a second breakfast one time. Ashley had woken up and fed him early and then going out to run errands, and then I woke up, and he ain’t gave me that look like it’s time for breakfast where’s. My list inside made him breakfast and then she came home and was like. Are you feeding and I was like yeah, he told me he was hungry and then she was like he already ate.
Hank the pig is a local celebrity and we want to be his best friend.
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