Hannity: Democrats are the ones guilty of conspiracy

Hannity: Democrats are the ones guilty of conspiracy
Hannity: Democrats are the ones guilty of conspiracy
It is as we predicted it is now blowing up in their faces, just like the trump-russia collusion blew up in their faces now, just insane impeachment pulse of narrative, including brand new text messages proving President Trump did absolutely nothing wrong during his Communications with Ukraine, a new Report, exposing the fake, not whistleblower, whistleblower as a partisan Trump hating surrounding the Democrats, are all over every impeachment, the hypocrisy, the deceit of both the Democratic party and their allies. Frankly, there stenographers the media mob every accusation. They make every attack every smear, every slander, every one of them nothing more than mere projection. They are the ones guilty of real collusion and Corruption pay for Russian dossier. Leveraging an obvious quid pro quo. The United States ever want to do that latest political January 11th, 2017 in the 2016 election, the shower and breaking tonight. We do have new details surrounding the Democrats, first star witness and their sham of a so-called impeachment inquiry. 4 days. The media mob has been absolutely giddy again, just like with Russia, Russia, American special Envoy, NBC, saying, volcker, was scrambling to contain the damage to National Security inflicted by Rudy Giuliani Washington Post, claiming that Bowker was painted by Trump’s alleged corruption and thrown under the bus by The truck and fake news CNN, why would they miss out hyping his testimony and writing quote Boker has become a key player in the unfolding Scandal surrounding the Whistleblower complaint and, of course, the mob Shear cutter, getting it excitement and hysterium breathless. You know reporting which isn’t reporting. Will you saw it all unfold on National Television? Take a look. The state Department’s special Envoy to Ukrainian Ambassador Kurt Volker not only the wake of the bombshell whistleblower complaint, but now being called to answer questions in front of., One, not two, but three congressional committees, a big question tonight: will the white-out take drastic measures to control what He says using our foreign policy to leverage a foreign country to take out a rival me. That’S a very simple story, understand pause. It turns out yet again, there’s just no there there, the entire lies again blowing up in their faces. The mob is once again breathlessly lying and hyping a hoax conspiracy theories, Gordon Toro Catherine Herridge, behind closed doors yesterday that the Ukraine is not pressured by President Trump, all in any way to be inappropriate.. Voelker also confirm. Ukraine was not even aware that the u.s. hold on financial assistance was there until long after was made public long after the president’s call with Ukrainian president. The issue of a whole place on security assistance to Ukraine also came up. During the same time, I was well connecting Mister your Mac, and where did you, I did not perceive these issues to be linked in any way. We now know the temporary hold on financial assistance was utilize by a president who loves to negotiate and, in this case, more funding from other Europe. Countries like they talked about in the transcript. If you read it and by the way that are most impacted by Ukraine conflict with Russia, this is not doing enough and real. Like we’ve, been telling you I mean, while Democrats impeachment inquiry is anything but valid or real text messages from the US call Lynn, schuetz.. Any speculation about a political quid pro quo he wrote quote. I believe you are incorrect about President Trump’s intentions. The president has been crystal clear. No quid pro quos many kinds continues, president. What are Ukraine is truly going to adopt the transparency and the reforms that President salinsky promised during his campaign. That was on the call to you read the transcript. So let’s get this straight US Special Envoy to you. He says: no, he didn’t believe the president did anything at all wrong US ambassador to the EU. He doesn’t think the president did anything wrong. If your read it, there is nothing wrong there, but no liar and leaker. The Cowardly Shifty Adam Schiff believe the President should be impeached today. Even the Washington Post had to give him four pinocchios about his lying about his communication with the not whistleblower whistleblower. We now know left-wing activist lawyers bragging about helping his team ever membership said. We have not spoken directly to the Whistleblower, had Direct contact with the individual before a complaint was even filed, an organized organized political hit again and they’re caught again and according to a report that the fake whistleblower, not whistleblower whistleblower is a registered Democrat Paul’s Fairy real Clear investigations reporting he worked in the Obama White House. That explains a lot. No political bias right lion, cowardly Shifty shift is want you to believe this is just a non-partisan effort to protect the country. Shifty should is now so concerned about foreign election interference. All of a sudden, except, I guess, when it shipped to ship list the help of a foreign country to dig up dirt on his political enemy. We have that tape is a pretty entertaining take a look through their interim offering dirt on. Hillary Clinton is part of what is described in writing as the Russian government effort to help elect Donald Trump and she met with Trump and she brought him while now we’re Russian gold celebrity Olga buzova, known as the person was a strange reputation and very publicly encouraged Russia to do exactly what Don Jr was encouraging Russian to Do privately. That is, give us the dirt Hillary Clinton and Trump tentacle.. Could you have than the Russians offering dirt on? Hillary Clinton is part of what was described as an effort to help mr. Trump in the campaign Arrangements to obtain these materials for our committee and and for the FBI, and then I appreciate your reaching out to us Donald Trump naked pics. Did he see it yeah, but naked pictures shift now a major source of embarrassment for Democrats even try to remove him. As the chairman of the house Intel committee, it’s clear. This is where it’s serious corruption lies, deception to seed hypocrisies, again, conspiracy theories in a hoax again, it’s so bad either medium are beginning to worry. If they don’t do something their own bases going to feel disappointed, and you feel like maybe try to get away with too much if you go through with the impeachment, though you can, you can divide the country further. They take the oxygen away from your candidate and you still don’t solve the problem of for interference, professional Trump. How many really dumb? I mean dumb lawyers on TV these days. You know, I don’t think it is. It is criminality. Is it extortion? Is it bribery? I think it is an issue of abuse of power. Where is an actual criminality, a duly elected president over what exactly? What cuz I don’t like in a year, let’s see what you can put up and I’m sure you’re taking the admonition of Al Green to Harwich. Is we better impeach him cuz, I’m going to beat him out Dairy Pelosi in the president? This is turning out to be another spectacular, they’re, our allies instead of the media, the mop and, what’s more, it’s Boomerang, just like Russia, Russia, Russia and exposing their own obscene level of corruption.
Washington Post calls out Adam Schiff’s false statements about whistleblower. #Hannity #FoxNews

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