Hannity: Manafort case weaponizing political differences

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Hannity: Manafort case weaponizing political differences
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conspiracy TV MSNBC today you would think this was the trial of the century OJ Simpson all over again for Trump campaign chairman Paul manafort in a Northern Virginia now facing charges over an alleged tax evasion and money laundering dating back to 2005 to 2007 these charges have nothing to do at all with the president these charges have nothing to do with collusion I’ll be shocked of Russia is mentioned once in this trial the mainstream media on full high alert Defcon level 10 The Smoking Gun against Donald Trump watch your fake news media in action from earlier today trial day one for president Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul manafort the man now facing a slew of charges the case against manafort is also the first high-profile test of special counsel Robert Mueller mr. manafort is found guilty that makes it a real problem for the president of United States Paul manafort Paul manafort campaign chair is accused of hiding at least $30 we’re going to learn details about the financial situation US versus Paul J manaforge he did not either cuz he’s back to us as your media obsessing over a 2005 Pax case we’re going to bring you the truth tonight everything watching all the news media is all political this is the weaponization of very dangerous of our justice system Paul manafort like Lieutenant General Flynn Michael Kohn and others being targeted because of their one-time association with Trump and look let me be clear I’ve no idea what Paul manafort did in 2005 6 or 7 but it wasn’t with Russia and I do know the special counsel investigation is a literally trying to throw the book at him they want negative information only about the president it’s the only reason why this is happening or is it judge in this case overseeing this case literally said early on telling Motors quote legal team led by the corrupt Andrew I don’t see what relation is indictment has with anything that special prosecutors authorized to investigate really care about mr. manaforge paying frog you’re really care about what information mr. man give you that would reflect on mr. Trump or lie to his prosecution or his impeachment or whatever and just be as hell it’s goes on to say that Muller wanted a quote tighten the screws how to make manafort’s sing or composed by the way composing means I’ll say whatever you want if you don’t put me in jail I’ll make up any story you want that’s the only reason this trial is happening now if found guilty 94 page for 2005 tax case up to life in prison over Financial related charges has nothing to do with Russia had nothing to do with President Trump I think he work for the president and the less than a hundred days Witnesses have been instructed to avoid using Trump’s name all together in order to prevent political bias from playing a role with the jury that without a doubt manafort’s aggressor prosecution from a special counsel who is supposed to be investigate Russia Russia Russia is just one more clear example in the United States of America today sadly we have a two-tiered system of justice in this country and it whatever associated with President Trump under the legal microscope Hillary Clinton 2016 exoneration before investigation literally they were writing it and made it don’t interview her till July three days later she’s out free and we know she committed crimes that we know the server was hacked by Foreign entities we know she violated the Espionage Act mishandled secret intelligence where is that server where are those emails why did she destroy classified top secret information we all know that if any of you out there if you would delete subpoenaed emails acid wash your hard drive with bleach b**** bust up your devices with hammers eliminate this subpoenaed you would be charged with obstruction of justice so the question really tonight is why is it Hillary Clinton on trial for violating the Espionage Act for obstructing justice and of course we got Clinton pretty Russian dossier filled with Russian lies to influence the election in literally brainwash the American people and misinformation campaign before the election
Hannity slams the bias surrounding the Manafort trial, including attempts by the media to politicize the trial against Trump.

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