Hannity: Trump has been hard at work since he was elected

Hannity: Trump has been hard at work since he was elected
Hannity: Trump has been hard at work since he was elected
Democrat States, the Russia hoax Ukraine, hosts Russia, Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine and Peach and Peach hear all the president. During the single most difficult hyper-partisan time. He is still able to remain focused on his the success. The track is amazing, Japan and South Korea, and hundreds of other federal judges original is constitutionalist Perkins on food stamps and millions more out of poverty. As I said, the lowest unemployment rate since 69. Most Americans are working today, that’s 1960 in history. For the first time in decades, this country now 75 years has energy, independent and a net exporter of energy, the lifeblood of every economy on this Earth. None of it matters to the left, none of it matters to their mob friends in the media Hanford office. Frankly, the day came down the escalator with Melania. They called for his impeachment, never seen anything like this. They did their very best to defeat him, the even saved his opponent from prosecution certain we would have been prosecuted for that, of course, the dirty Russian. CA, accusing him of now. It is a real, clear present danger to this Republic, member Ben Franklin, a republic, a republic. If you can keep it, I’m not so certain tonight we’re going to keep it. We live in a cup now we’re simple, simple basic, fundamental facts: objective, truth, basic truth, obvious truth: the rule of law, constitutional governments is in Jeopardy tonight and the Damage may be irreparable and by the way, Groundhog Day, all over again. about serving their constituents and an Inexplicable hatred and rage all things Trump yeah, I could win re-election. You know pretty much sums up the impeachment Kratz of Tri. They have failed time and again to manufacture out of whole cloth. Impeachable offenses, the Asteria now surrounding Ukraine is no different and today Congressman Devin Nunez Mason Warfare, operation against the president ability this operation began with media reports from the prime instigators of the Russia Mission. Hope hours claiming President Trump promised to a foreign leader Democrats simply moved the goalposts Sports from the mainstream media. I guess anyone in America can be an official government. Whistleblower, just have your friends all get together and write it up in a really lawyer, leeway, inspector-general determined that The Whistleblower had bias against the present government Department of Justice, zero, zero Eddie White Democrats latest ploy to impeach the president is beyond a see that guy there Is a biggest liar in Congress is literally made. He made it up today, already thing in there at all that they claim would be in there. He performed a dramatic reading shifted for all his adoring fans back in California. Before you is not the transcript between is Ukrainian counterpart. No, that wouldn’t work, that’s called Truth. Objective truth now would he does is pure fiction. This is they Adam Schiff fantasy that he decided to share in today’s hearing colluding with someone to dig up dirt from a foreign government against Donald Trump, the liar in action. This is the essence of what the president communicates. We’Ve been very good to your country, very good. No other country has done as much as we have, but you know what I don’t see much reciprocity here. I here what you want. I have a favor I want from you, though, and I’m going to it’s only 7 times, so you better, listen good. I want you to make up dirt on my political opponent. Understand lots of it on this make up his own version. That’S ripe government. If that was really bad, see the naked picture Trump. We reported it. The dnc’s real Ukrainian collusion Democrats cared about Russia collusion. Why do they care about Ukrainian collusion lookup politicos? It’S a 32 minute read. According to their estimate, Ukrainian government officials tried to help Hillary Clinton and only to back away after the election, and they help cleanse allies. That’S right. Little DNC operative that sought information from a foreign country to help impact the election to get damaging information on what is advisors. They did this with the help of a highly-paid DNC operative. That would be called real collusion. Any hysteria any calls for investigation note. This is a political game. Only if you can buy gin Trump is the name of the game. Don’T care about real collusion, don’t care about quid pro quos. Just look at sleepy creepy, Joe 30330, he’s in serious trouble tonight over what are legitimate, credible claims that he leveraged the billion dollars taxpayer money. If he called and said, can I talk to you as a father? Well, maybe that would have been different, but he used our money to get a Ukrainian prosecutor fired was investigating his son and even the New York Times warned them and he tried many times to get this guy fired and eventually succeeded. When he said you got six hours, son of a b, they fired him according to multiple sources. As a vice president 2014 Biden was appointed person, bio Alma and Ukraine. Few months later, Jose son Hunter scored a lucrative position on the board of Arista Holdings. That is Ukrainian oil and gas giant. Well, Hunter Biden was paid millions of dollars for consultancy fees, but he had no experience with oil, gas, energy or no experience with Ukraine that anybody can find and November 2015 Joe Biden investigation by Ukrainian authorities. Brain Stew, fire deleting prosecutor, it looking into the investigation of Barista Holdings and the relationship with Hunter Biden and March 2016. John Solomon reports is son. That’S when Biden leverage your money, a billion taxpayer dollars for Steve cranny and president fire the prosecutor in 6 hours. That would be a billion reasons why he had to and Biden claims the prosecutor was corrupt and that’s he wanted him to go. He wants you to believe the billion-dollar quid-pro-quo it nothing to do with the Sons Company. Thanks to John Solomon breaking news tonight. We now how evidence that Biden is likely lying through his teeth.
Despite President Trump’s accomplishments, Democrats only focused on taking him down. #Hannity #FoxNews

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