Harnessing the Power of Gecko Feet | ScienceTake

Harnessing the Power of Gecko Feet | ScienceTake
For ages, Humanity has envied the gecko at least its feet, which enable it’s a climb just about anything. Now, a team at Stanford is bringing gecko power the world with a climbing rig built around synthetic gecko. Inspired, if he’s a fat Beth Elliot Hawks AKA, he moves the pads with his hands, but his weight is on his feet. The active pursuit of gecko power really dates the 2002 when researchers discovered how molecular forces make gecko foot pads, so sticky Engineers were able to reproduce the effect with synthetic material. The Stanford researchers didn’t introduce a new material, but they did was change. The design of the climbing Greg the most important thing it was introduced, a new kind of Sprint. The physics are complicated, but the result is that the climbers weight is more evenly distributed and the whole climbing process is more efficient. Despite the enormous superhero Market, the researchers think Mo to the applications will probably be in manufacturing and, of course, really cool window washing robots.
For ages, humanity has envied the gecko – at least its feet – which enable it to climb just about anything. A team at Stanford brought gecko power to the world with a climbing rig built around synthetic gecko-inspired adhesive pads. Watch this 2014 episode of ScienceTake for more.

Read the story here: https://www.nytimes.com/2014/11/24/science/climbing-a-glass-building-try-a-geckos-sticky-pads.html

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