Has an internet blackout killed Sudan’s revolution? – BBC News

Has an internet blackout killed Sudan’s revolution? – BBC News
Has an internet blackout killed Sudan’s revolution? – BBC News
Sudanese protesters Gather in the streets a few weeks ago, Security Forces who use deadly force to crush. the internet was also shut down, and that leads us to the question, because these people mobilise themselves on social media. Is it possible for a revolution to succeed here today without the internet last message last message was received 23rd and we were able to contact our friends outside the country. Actually, that used to make us feel safe. Social media is affecting our very much now that we have to organize for protest and other activities through phone calls and SMS is very slow. The number of people will get to riches is very low, comparing two people with social media and expensive. The media wasn’t turned of June 3rd. We would have been able to gather a million for some protest and I’m 100 % sure whose livelihoods depend directly on the internet. Al Rashid drive that are house, which is a local taxi hailing at sold my previous business to buy this car, but since the internet has been down, I’m not even making 20 % what are used to it’s difficult. Any of my family’s basic needs. Lots of people like Halo, Rashid, who is suffering Indians of dollars because of the lack of Internet. It’S important to remember that when the protests first kicked off back in December, people took to the streets because of economic hardship possible to kill the momentum among the protest groups home without the internet.
In Sudan, the ruling Military Council has switched off the internet in response to protests which took place on 3 June 2019.

BBC Africa’s Security correspondent Tomi Oladipo visits Khartoum and looks at how the switch off is affecting both the protesters’ ability to organise and also the economics of a country that was already struggling financially.

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