Have the Oscars fixed their diversity problem? – BBC News

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Have the Oscars fixed their diversity problem? – BBC News
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Have the Oscars fixed their diversity problem? – BBC News
The superhero film black panther was one of 2018 biggest movies. Much was made of its predominantly Black cast aside from breaking the box office. It so certain something that no other don’t have. It managed a best picture nomination. Another backlight film, black klansman, also Goblin race. Something used in 2015 and 2016. When was in a row in response, the Oscars organizing body took steps to become more inclusive in its membership. It seems that I have been a more diverse range of Best Picture nominees movies like Lion, hidden figures and Moonlight, but it’s impossible to know for sure.. The Oscars can be an easy target, especially film studios. Aren’T making enough diapers movies to begin with supplies to jenda to over the last 10 years, nominated for best picture, an overriding patent images, but movies recognized, usually feature prominent male characters. The best director category is even starter in 90 years, only one woman has everyone, I’m just five in total at ever been nominated. Multiple initiatives to address this to true about bodies have more Choice as you’re after you’re, only a tiny percentage of made up a female director one looking at representation, the media advocacy body Glide, has welcomed this year’s record number of lgbtq inclusive films. Among the best picture nominees 05, what weather service is down to the changing makeup of the academy, Hollywood recognition of the need to make more inclusive films, or simply a one-off and normally is impossible to know and dispensers to the main issue. Still, on representative, at least partly because of the kind of films being widely purchased a problem that can only really be overcome when studios in Independence start consistently making movies, which true audiences, who pay to see them.
Diversity has been a major talking point at the Oscars in recent years, since the #OscarsSoWhite controversy in 2015. How has this been reflected in the nominations? Reality Check investigates.
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