‘He saved me from Westminster attacker’ – BBC News

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‘He saved me from Westminster attacker’ – BBC News
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‘He saved me from Westminster attacker’ – BBC News
I recall hearing a an engine, revving and – and I quickly I guess – looked looked over and I remember seeing just the hood of the car, but I don’t recall anything else – Ewok character. Yes, they told me that he pushed me out of the way of the past. The card basically sacrifice His Life For Mine. It isn’t surprising, to be honest, Kurt would have done that for anyone honestly, the fact that it was me cuz, I was standing next to him, but if it had been you or a complete stranger skirt was just kind of guy. You know from day one from the beginning from the time I open my eyes. I was grateful to be alive. Obviously I’m super sad. not here, and it’s hot really hard without him, but never once have. I not wanted to be here without him and knowing that he saved me sure makes me want to make him proud and recovered best. I can and just go on. I do what I do, what I can for my family and myself. I I don’t. I don’t even know I can’t even begin to understand, but obviously he changed my life forever and many people that day his own family. You know, but it’s still stand where I don’t hate him. I don’t know where he was coming from. So I can’t say that I even understand him: he just he just didn’t, have the compassion for humans curtain and that I feel sorry for him. I feel sorry for his family. I feel sorry for people that feel that way that I think that way. I think if we just could all find a little connection with each other, you know. Maybe some of this headache would go away.
A US tourist has described how her husband died saving her life in the Westminster Bridge attack on 22 March last year.
Kurt Cochran pushed Melissa out of the way as Khalid Masood accelerated towards them in a hire car.
The pair had been on a sightseeing trip around Europe to celebrate 25 years of married life.
She said Kurt would have acted instinctively to protect her, or anybody else who was in danger.

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