Health Canada asking for prudence amid EpiPen shortage

Canadian suffering severe allergies are grappling with another critical shortage pharmacies across the country are running out of life-saving epipens Pfizer the only company that made the devices here offered a vague explanation that does little more than infuriate those who rely on the medication ctv’s Medical Specialists Davis Favreau has more information tonight on the deepening dilemma these epipens contain a drug that can stop a deadly allergic reaction paulino’s Cena have used them twice to rescue her boys Xavier and Lucien they both have many severe food allergies we got to the hospital obviously I still have to healthy happy boys but they need that epinephrine I’m in case there’s anything that happens and both boys carry the devices at all times but Pauline is distress Canadian white shortage of these life-saving devices really disturbed by it because this is now I think the third or fourth time in the last year across the country the auto injectors in both formulations are quickly banishing from Pharmacy shelf officials are urging patience not to Panic it’s really important that people don’t stockpiler for the medications because that’s really taking that very needed treatment potentially away from somebody that hit that can eat it epipens maker Pfizer says the shortage is due to a manufacturing issue but offers no further details and says supplies will resume at the end of August but others say the real solution is more companies selling these auto-injectors are vulnerable epinephrine and that is EpiPen we need a second product on the market at a minimum following meanwhile has enough fresh injectors for her children and the allergy free bakery but she wants a better solution I would like to see if I’d like to see the company and maybe give us a better explanation of why this is happening Health Canada as we reported last night so that anyone who doesn’t have an EpiPen can call nine-one-one all paramedics carry the medication and they can still use recently expired devices there were studies Lisa that indicate they are still alive more than 2 years past the expiry date like I so that is comforting certainly but not a solution these shortages have been going on since before January is there any plan to resolve it once and for all well health Canada says they are definitely looking it’s a problem but they also told us that there are four other companies that are in fact clear to sell their own auto-injectors in Canada but none of them are marketing them in Canada now government can’t force the company to sell a product in Canada question is why don’t they want to sell it in Canada and this might be something that patience and patient groups might want to ask very good point Davis thanks for this tonight
A severe shortage is causing pharmacies across Canada to run out of potentially life-saving EpiPens. Avis Favaro reports on the dilemma.

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