Health Canada looks to limit youth vaping

Health Canada looks to limit youth vaping
Health Canada looks to limit youth vaping
We know from a study earlier this year. The University of Waterloo play is concerned about vaping red large. We have to say that they, they haven’t seen these clusters of pulmonary diseases. They been seeing the United States, but they’re watching it very closely, because, because that seems to be a mess, if you will, that is out there yesterday thing can’t contain less harmful chemicals than tobacco products, but it is not. Chemical freeze has Hellcat products that do not have nicotine, not every vaping product is actually nicotine free. Nicotine is known to cause cancer, young people, children, young people, they also affect impulse control in young people and the way they behave so concerns around that and ask for long-term effects of vaping. While Canada’s really clear about this, we don’t know this is a new practice. We have not had the benefit history to see what the long-term effects are, so that is part of the message they’re putting out there around vaping know right now. You can’t tell anyone under the age of 18 how it is. I conducted my other parts different parts of this country, rather things like advertising things like of the different flavors that are available to young people, so new laws here ended in May and take a look at the interim summary out of that initial consultation on vaping uptake Of vaping products, the doll Forum, vaping advertising promotion restriction should a lot with those employees for tobacco products and part of the tightening the laws we could be seeing future Heather are things like a prohibiting the promotion, manufacture and sale of certain flavors as flavors that appeal To young people restricting the concentration and the delivery of nicotine packaging and online sales. So a lot of concerns around this. We actually heard it in Christine’s piece there from the doctor called from McMaster University, saying that they don’t want to make the same mistake that they made with tobacco 50 years ago, where they underestimated the health impact that going to have some people want to take this. A quite seriously not only help Canada, but also a third-party players out there, although there is a federal election in the fall so who, from the concern now, is that we are still a couple of years away from actually having tighter rules around a thing. It’S interesting in reading about this Association just too talking about this that moving along this morning, our top story has been the growing concern about teens and vaping investigators, with the Centers for Disease Control, often requiring Critical Care 94 cases of lung illness, the summer alone. Doctors here in Canada are watching as well. We know the number of people who are vaping, particularly teens, is skyrocketing up. 7 percent according to a study, are released just last year as a matter of fact. So as we talked about that, let’s bring you some expert opinion with me this morning: he isn’t it Master chair and respiratory medicine, the director of the division of respirology at McMaster and he’s with me and Hamilton this morning. Doctor called thank you for the time today. So far, mostly teens and young people with coughing shortness of breath, fatigue some very serious. Breathing difficulties may be linked to vaping when you apply your medical expertise to that. What might that signal? What might that raised for you? First of all, these symptoms are all very on specific, is fatigue door or even about the stories, and we have to experience from the Past, who stars in business CDC would investigate the first jobs for other things, and lots of please have reported that they have been Waiting for a while and and that just rings, maybe tide may be linked. Interesting me, though there hasn’t been any similar occurrence according to health, Canada in Canada. Why would that be? What positions will see these patients may not really have thought about it yet, but given the news, they will certainly ask more specifically about vaping habits, and are you seeing anything in your practice or you hearing anything specifically about this? When you have discussions with your calling modern, times., Kassan crawler links to a WhatsApp group, and typically we share information like this on that WhatsApp group and so far we have not really heard anything stations or prop different ways of reflection. What are your personal concerns about? Vaping and young people stop that dirty or smelly, or I mean anyone who walks around smelling the air Infinite Campus on purpose, smoking things whatever it is, it’s just not not right and vaping and sad. That’S what industry and support us obviously do they say you haven’t heard the newest before that the numbers of teenage kids going going higher and higher with 50-60 70 %. We don’t have the long-term study. Do we to know what the real Health impacts are? Long-Term of all of this – and you said something very pointed to Christine Burak – was one of our house. Reporters from her report we’ve been airing this morning want to repeat the mistakes of how we deal with e-cigarettes and the mistakes of how we dealt with tobacco and cigarettes. What do we have to do differently, fifty or sixty years ago? If you have some some new pieces that you read from that time, it was facing the same thing: dropping dad’s after smoking, a cigarette and no of course you don’t because it happens many many years later, and these Studies have been done in regard to smoking, which Is unquestionably harmful and if you’re listening out support Society to smoke study because there’s no long-term use yet, but one might just hope that we have learned from that in the past. It’S not permitted. That’S at least the first step, but I see these cases, people that believe that they can cause harm after what the CDC is looking at. We appreciate your guys’s today, your expertise in all of this thanks doctor called respirologist director of the division at McMaster University.
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control is investigating a “cluster” of lung illnesses that it believes may be linked to e-cigarette use. Health Canada is now consulting on restricting certain flavours and online sales in a bid to limit vaping among young people. We spoke to Dr. Martin Kolb, a respirologist at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont., about what is known about the risks of vaping.

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