Health care’s road ahead after the midterms

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Health care’s road ahead after the midterms
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Health care’s road ahead after the midterms
Samsonite I had a conversation with President Trump about how we could work together, speaker Nancy Pelosi, and I give her a lot of credit if you work very hard and she’s working, and hopefully we can all work together next year to continue delivering for the American people. Delete or Pelosi we discussed ways we might be able to find a way forward. You hear what we heard it’s early, yet we know the President Trump democratic, congresswoman Nancy, like healthcare, comes to fighting High insurance premiums and, of course, Republicans have said they want to do the same. This is what President Trump said last year can’t see the forest of national trade Association representing the health insurance industry. America’S health insurance plans sounds like both sides are getting ready to gang up on big Insurance. How do you say this new landscape of a Republican president and a democratic control house and health care insurance? That’S, affordable, accessible, comprehensive protects against pre-existing conditions and health insurance providers are ready to do that. We want to work with all parties work across the aisle work with the Mission work with Congress work with Governors. I think another important message that came out of the elections was there were there were ballot initiatives with respect to Medicaid in some very red States in Utah, Idaho, in Nebraska, and people said that they value Medicaid, and I think that there’s an opportunity to work on Issues to make Healthcare better, more accessible, more affordable, and we want to do that. It was put into place and, since President Trump became president, these stocks are up anywhere from 50 to 70 %. A Democrats and the president, both poll said they want insure for pre-existing conditions, never mind that the administration is just issued, guidance that can allow shorter turn plans, the ability to refuse such coverage, but that said, the industry, it will be in the hot seat. So what are you and your your insurance company’s ready to agree upon when it comes to accepting all patients regarding pre-existing conditions for a long time, had a policy that we want to make sure that people with pre-existing conditions are protected.? There’S coverage now since the Affordable Care Act that make sure that anyone who has diabetes cancer, any type of health condition will have access to health insurance and that’s been in effect. Since 2014 we support Mountain place. We know the Administration has looked at Alternatives, so-called short-term plans and others that might loosen some of those protections. But we know that the market exists in the individual Market through employer coverage to make sure that people are protected and we think that’s important. Some numbers here on the screen: we have employer-sponsored average annual premiums for single coverage chart and it showed from 1999 to today the annual premiums for a single person 99. They were $ 2,200. Today, 6896. It just seems like no matter whether it was before Obamacare was even a word, or he was president or President Trump’s and we’ve got to do something about it. You guys continue to raise your premiums on. Everybody know what theme the sort of political of this country at some point. Don’T you have to look at yourself and say this is getting ridiculous. Everybody notices now, look. We want help to be more affordable, but it’s important to realize what goes into the health insurance premiums. It’S the underlying cost of medical care. It’S the outrageous cost of prescription drugs, it’s ever-higher Hospital prices and that’s really what’s going into premiums, people look at how much insurance cost now $ 0.23 on every premium Dollar in the commercial Market is responsible for prescription drugs. I mean these are the underlying issues that we need to tackle and we are ready to work across the aisle to work with any want to make Healthcare more affordable. If you have to realize what goes into that price, it is everything the cafeteria-style pay for what you eat, plans work and would one of the options for a fair price. Matt everyone be part of the system. If it’s going to work, you can’t just so that there are lots of shortcomings of Obamacare and we have a whole list of items where we think there could be to make it more accessible, more affordable, cheaper for younger people. But you also have to understand how Insurance Works, which is people need to be part of the system. You can’t just pick and choose and say I’d like something over here, but not over there. Short-Term plans will allow you to do that. But if you get sick, if you have an accident, if you have a catastrophic Health event, you have to realize what’s going to happen on the other side and that’s why it’s so important that we want to make sure people have access to Affordable, comprehensive HealthCare coverage That protects against pre-existing condition and thank you very
America’s Health Insurance Plans CEO Matt Eyles discusses how the midterm election results may affect the future of health care.

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