Hear Kamala Harris’ answer to critics who say she’s not ‘black enough’

Hear Kamala Harris’ answer to critics who say she’s not ‘black enough’
Send a question for all of the candidates are getting into the primary prune is: how do they take on Donald Trump right in the mayor of Pink Buddha? Did approach to Trump vs.the Elizabeth Warren approach to President Trump, which is ignore him or take them? Which approach do you think wins out in the primary? And then this is the big question for the Democratic party right, which, which way are they going to go? They’Re? Not exactly completely cohesive group, I don’t think you can completely ignore Donald Trump. He is everywhere. He is on television. Every 5 Seconds he’s doing things that make the news all the time to pretend like you’re. Not actually addressing him in this election is to kind of ignore, where the gut of the democratic party is, after the that the Heartbreak of 2016 that they had, but completely further than you can actually substantiate. Necessarily by saying oh he’s, maybe not going to be a free person and the Mueller investigation has not gotten that far. The Democratic leaders in the house did not want to talk impeachment right now, so that maybe just kind of throwing too much red out there and clearly there’s some sort of a happy middle of. But we don’t know who that’s going to be or what it’s going to sound like it’s going to depend a lot on the candidate and, at this point, they’re all making their pictures out there and seeing what sticks with which part of the debase. They hope to claim their not yet have to start answering you know and challenging each other, and that’s we’re going to get to see me in a really weird. You can come get the party about Kamala Harris radio interview this morning about people questioning that she’s, not black enough and raised in the United States, except for the years that I was in high school in Montreal, Canada and look. This is the same thing. They did to Barack. This is it. This is not new., and so I think that we know what they’re trying to do they’re trying to do what has been happening over the last two years, which is powerful voices trying to sew hate and division among us. And so we need to recognize we’re being played for response answer, but it’s also a question of how black are your politics right? How well do they represent African-American? I think so her record as a prosecutor. I think about how black she is in some ways. They need our record as a prosecutor, whether or not that is in line with what’s best for African-American cuz. We know about the disproportionate ways in which the criminal justice system has affected African-Americans people questioning whether or not you just performing Blackness. Is she really black? I sure she went to Howard I’ll, but she married a white man, which I think is she also addressed in that interview as well, and essentially said she married, who she fell in love with sew in will be a question that you want the answer. As we know, that Obama did as well across the Democratic primary Amy Klobuchar with the story about her two-piece Budaj. Generational he’s
In a radio interview, Sen. Kamala Harris responds to critics who claim she is not “black enough” as she enters her bid for a 2020 presidential run.

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