Hear Why 2020 Candidates Think Women Of Color Should Vote For Them | NBC News

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Hear Why 2020 Candidates Think Women Of Color Should Vote For Them | NBC News
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Hear Why 2020 Candidates Think Women Of Color Should Vote For Them | NBC News
Hear Why 2020 Candidates Think Women Of Color Should Vote For Them | NBC News
He’S asked every candidate on this date as a man that was raised by a strong black woman who understood and taught me from my very earliest of Ages. The women of color can trust me as someone for my entire career has been rooted in the communities that have empowered me to be who I am today, women in many of the jobs I’ve had, and I know what it’s like to be in that room when People aren’t taking you seriously. I am only here because of two very strong women of color. The people just like my mother and my grandmother could do better in this country. It’S why I focus in my time so much on trying to deliver for community that are vulnerable that are struggling. Someone who understands in a very deep and personal way what it means to put service above self does what I will bring to the White House to make sure that that mission. The mission of the presidents and the White House in our nation’s capital is only focused on how we can best serve the American people that I expect something that I fully hope to earn by the work that I do on the campaign Trail. But by showing up and listening to the people that I want to serve proportionately a Vortex women of color on my history and long-term work in terms of Education, including what I’m proposing right now, which is to close the teacher pay gap which will disproportionately impact. Put my work on Criminal Justice Reform, my work when it comes to Economic Security and help for women and women of color. There is a long history of work I have done, including my mentorship of young women, of color in politics and in the professor, and I would stake my reputation in terms of what I will do going forward. Based on what I’ve done – and I believe you can judge me in that way and look at what I have campaigned on – I brought forth for years ago and now widely accepted by the American people and Democratic candidates from school board. The president of the United States to my campaign is about not just winning the nomination. Just the feeding trump. It is understanding that we cannot transform this country unless millions of people, black and white and Latino Asian American Native American, standoff Dominic and political life of this country in a lot of people, coloring lot of women of color. That say, after the experience of 2016, they don’t have the confidence in the electorate of this country to elect a woman president one way but they’re Their Fear says they may need to flee to the safety of a white male candidate. How do you address here anything here to fight for what they believe in Broncos people here who had to reach down deep matter? How hard it was, no matter how scary it looks, they found what they needed to find and they brought it up and they took. Are the people they love the fight, they believe in that’s how they got into beseech today. It’S how we going to fight. I’m just individually, but how are we going to? Are we going to fight because we’re afraid, or we going to show up for people that we didn’t actually believe in, because we were too afraid to do anything else? That’S not Who We Are. That’S how we’re going to do this NBC News viewers, thanks for checking out our YouTube channel, subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos we’re here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching
2020 Democratic candidates for president make the case why women should vote for them.
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Hear Why 2020 Candidates Think Women Of Color Should Vote For Them | NBC News

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