Hearings on mandatory vaccines for N.B. students | Power & Politics

Hearings on mandatory vaccines for N.B. students | Power & Politics
Hearings on mandatory vaccines for N.B. students | Power & Politics
I haven’t vaccinated my children, I think vaccinations should be left to the individual to look at their individual circumstance and their health so mandating any policy. I think it’s really recipe. Both opponents and supporters of vaccinations send it on Fredericton were three days of hearings are underway. Politicians there are studying legislative amendments that would make bring after two outbreaks of measles in the Saint John area and whooping cough in the Frederickson area. Dominic Cardy is the Minister of Education in New Brunswick. He joins us now from Fredericton to see. You again says the government shouldn’t be the ones deciding whether or not they get their own kids vaccinated, and it’s very clear X is clear that vaccines are effective. Vaccines prevent the transmission of potentially fatal diseases that, up till a few decades ago, killed thousands and thousands of Canadians and pushing this legislation for it. Because we have to think about the rights of immunocompromised, kids, kids, who are going through chemotherapy who had their seen their treatments, take out the the effectiveness of vaccines they may have already had in their system. Those are the children who I’m concerned about not people who are falling prey to Emily a well-funded delusion pedal to buy a handful of extremely wealthy people in the US. The consul-general warned you that it would impact your promises, trading relationship with China. Why did you go ahead with the decision that resulted in that 2 in the middle schools in Ln? Primary schools no longer have any Confucius Institute that were to go shaded with the Chinese. So I think that was supposed to win as I could have, and I think the Chinese looking International got bigger fish to fry thinks that when it comes to dealing with New Brunswick, I think that’s a very small part of their concerns and when it really reiterate Again, Tuesday, whenever I speak against the Confucius Institute, that is nothing against China for the Chinese people in lot of admiration for folks, especially course, the folks in Hong Kong fighting for their rights at the moment. My job is to look at the dedication system for New Brunswick stroller. There is a lot of concern about potential blowback, given the Diplomatic dispute level are there. Other provinces are provincial leaders that have engaged on the trade relationship, not brought up some of the domestic issues, and I’m just wondering why you chose to pursue the you know that the deposit you did despite the mornings because there’s I don’t answer to any other foreign Government I answer to the people of New Brunswick and my education minister is to make sure that we had a New Brunswick education system. That was, I was a no-brainer for me. Thank you so much mr. McCarty Channel or click the link for another video thanks for watching
Opponents and supporters of vaccines are speaking before a legislative committee studying whether vaccinations should be mandatory for all children in the New Brunswick school system.
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