‘Hell To Pay’: Speaker Pelosi Threatens Trump Over Gun Control | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

‘Hell To Pay’: Speaker Pelosi Threatens Trump Over Gun Control | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
‘Hell To Pay’: Speaker Pelosi Threatens Trump Over Gun Control | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
Growing pressure on Trump and Republicans to act on gun reform Trump. Today praising the courage of police officers who responded to the recent shootings in Dayton in El Paso, but offering no plan to prevent future attacks, the darkest moments of danger and despair. God calls the bravest to action. These eleven individuals answer the call to every one of the heroes we recognize today. Thank you, and God bless you all coming as Trump against flip flops on his gun reform stance, retreating from an earlier pledge to act on background checks. Following lobbying by the NRA and other pro-gun groups, Dayton McConnell, to ask on background checks to people in Washington can make sure the background checks. Bill passes Donald Trump and Mitch. Mcconnell, I’m here on behalf of the citizens of Dayton, who called us that night to do something. This is something that can be done, can be fast and will save lives at this. Bill is not passed McConnell and the Republicans in the Senate and the president will have hell to pay and a moment I’ll, be joined by Nan Whaley mayor of Dayton, Ohio that you just heard from, but first it is not just Democrats upping the heat on Trump Missouri Senate a republican, it is time for the president to step up we’re not going to vote on bills on the senate floor. The depression is not willing to sign. The president needs to step up here and set some guidelines for what he would do. That important topic, as you well know, I very personally, I just say the least: why did you decide to go to Washington today? Thank you for having me on this evening. I think the thing that my community had said on the night of August, the next evening after nine people were killed in our historic Oregon district was to do something, and so I came to DC to to share that message and to call what 270 some mayors Of sign bipartisan Leone, a letter to say we need to pass into the Senate and up or down vote on HR 8. It’S very easy. We went up or down vote on background checks, which 90 % of Americans agree agree with 87 gun owners in Ohio agree. We need Universal background checks and the time is now you don’t want another city to be like dating, as I just played saying, this is on to people. This is on a President Trump. This is on Mitch McConnell. You said this can be done. It can be done quickly and it can save lives. How often Mystic are you mayor? Something can actually be done that can there can be gun reform Bullock. As a mayor, you have to say, Optimus take your optimistic for the future of your community and optimistic for the future of the country. So we, as Mayors, are hoping that Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell follow what 9 out of 10 Americans something. I don’t even know anything that is more popular and just have the vote. We are going to stop Mayors across the country. We know that if they don’t will continue to see since was a gun, violence in communities, and so there will be another city and another city in another city and will be back here, calling for background checks in common sense. Gun legislation actually want to bring up. Once again, 89 % of all Americans overwhelmingly supporting expanded gun background checks. You think about the shooting, most recently in Odessa, Texas, which, in fact, if there were extensive background checks in place, actually obtaining those guns that killed all those people between Midland and Odessa Texas. Why aren’t GOP leaders here? I can only assume that it’s that they are more about gun maker, think I’m protecting gun makers in protecting innocent American lives, and that saddens me. But I know there are Profiles in Courage and that’s in it and if McConnell will just let him up or down vote happen, we could put this all to bed and the president could find it. I mean this isn’t very hard. This is popular editing, popular in places where Republicans win as well. So this isn’t just a place like in urban communities where it matters were seeing it matter and Suburban areas B. These massacres can hit anywhere, you know from synagogues and mosques and churches to shopping malls and movie theaters to Great trendy neighborhoods like the district. Nobody is safe if we don’t start moving on common-sense gun legislation are quickly or are you worried that the momentum around surrounding gun reform legislation will slow with the election just around the corner? I don’t think it will ever slow because we’ve seen so many mass shootings. This year, dating with number 250, I think we were August 4th now its September, 8th or 9th right and wear it like number 289. So the number of mass shootings just keeps piling up and piling up so much that you can’t even cover them all nationally. You only hear of the really large ones that are really outlandish travel. We have mass shootings every day in this country, so that mean in another community and another Community. This is hitting. So there is no slowing up of this issue and the sooner the Senate can do something in Washington can do something an act on something that is not partisan and any other part of the country except on Capitol Hill. I think Americans would reward that sort of leadership in this country. It is completely astounding and we cannot keep up them. I appreciate your passion, your dedication to this issue. Well, thank you so much. Thank you. Jasmine
Mayor of Dayton, Ohio, Nan Whaley, joined The Beat after holding a press conference with Senator Schumer and Speaker Pelosi pressuring Trump and McConnell to act on background checks. Whaley argues ‘the time is now’ to act on gun control ‘which 90% of Americans agree with.’
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‘Hell To Pay’: Speaker Pelosi Threatens Trump Over Gun Control | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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