Hirono: ‘Dead’ Inside If Not ‘Appalled’ By Detention Centers | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Hirono: ‘Dead’ Inside If Not ‘Appalled’ By Detention Centers | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
Hirono: ‘Dead’ Inside If Not ‘Appalled’ By Detention Centers | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
Announcing immigration, but most people potentially affected, can’t afford to just assume it’s a distraction. Speaker Pelosi says this is heartless and we’ll quote: terrorize children and tear families apart Democrats mean, while putting up the pressure on the administration they’re going to authorize terminology issue subpoenas related to this family separation policy. After some impassioned pleas from Democrats, I’m going to show you some of that emotional testimony and statements in a moment, but I first want to bring back. Who is covered this issue with us before. When you see this, you are in a classic Trump by, on the one hand, give me a break you’ve, literally threatened and then retracted, this very thing before. On the other hand, this is not a joke for people who could be hurt him of raping her in a row. Good men dressing room, and we had some and interactions, and this was sort of part of the melee in the distraction in the news cycle, and So we are focusing on that and not the fact that a sitting president was accused of rape. We can’t imagine what it must feel like in a household where everyday you wonder if your loved one goes out to get milk or bread, if you will never see them again, go to a country where they don’t speak the language and they know no-one or a Country that is in such political turmoil, into a situation with no money, no language, new, social or political or economic resource into your point, whether they will be afforded due process, which is a founding principle of this nation. It is due process for all that includes convicted murderers, let alone children literally aren’t even accused of doing anything other than existing. It’S why I raised that. I want to put on the screen the images we’ve seen before that are part of this. This is not from a Critic; this is from the Trump DHS what you could get if we could get into pain and hidden cameras in there, and this is a context for something that I wanted. I mentioned our view is going to play. Senator hirono, I can say in my opinion my view – is pretty tough and made her way to the US Senate and as a tough person talk. People also feel and talk. People also care, and it is not nothing, but she gets this emotional public. As far as I know, but it was how she was dealing with what you see on your screen. This is brand-new today when you saw the pictures of the kids Izzy’s detention facilities. If you didn’t feel Shane pain. If you weren’t appalled by these pictures, then something is or dying in your hearts and in the heart of America. Let’S be all so clear, though this is minimum. The fourth time you’ve done this other Nation right. I mean country version of us doing this. We did this when we had you as chattel slavery, we break apart families. We did this when we have the Native American genocide. We did this when we had Japanese and Germans and Italians and internment camps, so unfortunately, this is part of a long Legacy of America. This is also taxpayer-funded, and so, when you interview, families are or Republicans who were saying that is part of the problem into the nation by treating these individuals as human beings and calling them animals and worse through the human context of caring about it or better, yet Subscribed YouTube channel below us and we appreciate that.
The Trump administration has announced that it is planning massive immigration raids on Sunday, targeting 2,000 families in major cities. Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the raids “heartless,” saying they will “terrorize children.” Fordham professor Christina Greer joins Ari Melber to discuss.
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Hirono: ‘Dead’ Inside If Not ‘Appalled’ By Detention Centers | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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