History of US-Venezuela relations – BBC News

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History of US-Venezuela relations – BBC News
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History of US-Venezuela relations – BBC News
Baseball is the national sport huge comfy, gas-guzzling cars or mainstream? Where does everyone hang out the mall, but this is in America, Venezuela, Venezuela, history. That goes back centuries. A few research in 2014 found that 62 % of Venezuelan had a favorable opinion of the u.s. leaders. Haven’T always seen eye-to-eye? How did it go through this, including a possible military option, understand relationship between Venezuela and the US? You have to know that mainly revolves around one precious resource oil. The first oil wells were drilled in the early 20th century, but 1940 Venezuela largest producer of crude oil in the world from the beginning. American companies were heavily involved in the US also, but the majority of the country’s oil in 1961 Journey Kennedy made the first official US president, Venezuela, Spanish, the Cold War oil and traits in the tone for decades of French during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Venezuela, against its Caribbean neighbor, and in 60s and 70s country Oil Workers and businessman took their families to live in Venezuela, oil fields, Venezuelan laptop all things. American country became one of the most Dependable Market freaky with consumer goods. During this whole time, do it’s always a large part of the population that was against the influence of the superpower and, despite the huge oil boom, large sections of society remain for all the while u.s. political lead in the country grew richer. This anger Spilled Out into the streets and build up until 1998 when Hugo Chavez was elected president in a landslide victory Kevin Watson that anti-American Firebrand he later became Washington cautiously welcomed the new leader and adopted a wait-and-see attitude military coup overthrow Chavez for 48 hours. He was convinced that the US was behind the plot. Today, the winner of the American officials knew about the coup beforehand and had contact with some of its leaders. This was enough to chew Chavez on Venezuela’s relationship with the US from then on. This was Travis talking. The day after President George Bush Junior, he kept up with President Obama to friendliness with some of America’s biggest enemies. The oil and trade between the two countries kept flowing until now after Chavez died in 2013 successor and so cold son Nicolas took over. The US saw him as an autocrat who let Venezuelans starving over so hyperinflation record murder rates and political isolation. The US began imposing sanctions on mr. Maduro and his government even use Venezuela socialist model as a way to attack his opponents. The Democrats want to turn America into Venezuela that’ll be wonderful in 2019, when the US recognize one way to the head of the National Assembly as the new president of Venezuela after allegations of electoral fraud response broke off diplomatic relations with the US and about hang on To power play the relations between Venezuela and the US original. Oh, we can both countries really get by without the other, with America still the dominant superpower in the region and Twitter having the largest proven oil reserves in the world. This doesn’t seem to be the end of the story.
US relations with Venezuela have nosedived, as the Latin American country descends further into economic and political chaos.

But the often-fraught ties between the world’s biggest superpower and this relatively small state go back centuries.

BBC Mundo’s Daniel Pardo explains what binds the two together, and why the US is following the current crisis in Venezuela so carefully.

Video journalist: Mohamed Madi

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