HIV drugs reduce transmission rate to ‘zero’

HIV drugs reduce transmission rate to ‘zero’
HIV drugs reduce transmission rate to ‘zero’
We begin with a major medical study that could be a game-changer in the global fight against HIV. It finds a drug treatment alone, maybe the best defense to stop the spread of the virus. The findings are published in the medical journal, the Lancet. They could have huge implications. Nations around the world Renee filippone joins us now from London. Tell us what is viral can stop. The transmission of HIV now took place over eight years included and nearly 1,000 gay male couples where one partner had HIV. Now the person with the virus was on these suppressive and despite having unprotected sex with their partner, there were no cases where HIV was passed between the pair now. There have been studies on this before looking at heterosexual couples. But researchers say this settled any doubts. Lnd retrovirals are basically a combination of drugs that are taken everyday to stop HIV from replicating in the body and overtime. It reduces the amount of the virus in the blood to levels that are undetectable. It is not, however, no researchers involved in this study say that the drug treatment prevention, the drug treatment for vented nearly 500 HIV Transmissions during the eight years of the study, how listen to what the lead researcher had to say about the findings and the rest. So the very worst case scenario is that you have to have condomless sex 437 years before you would have the outside possibility of a transmission so yeah, it’s conclusive, okay, Landmark study. So, let’s talk about the implications vacations on the global effort to stop the spread of HIV and that spreading the viruses is more manageable. The push is that all people have access to testing and treatment, and some researchers are also looking at this and suggesting that uninfected people can also take steps to protect themselves if they take a particular antiretroviral. No access to these drugs also called pre-exposure pre-exposure, prophylaxis or prep are expensive in Canada and availability is uneven, so even have to pay out-of-pocket to get them so HIV advocate. Can I use the study and use it to help push change in and help end the stigma against people with the virus? And it’s important to note here, John HIV is still a serious health concern. In fact, every year, Canada still sees as many as 3,000 people and Tech the virus Rene. Thanks for this, the cbc’s Rene filippone in Arlington Bureau
A European study of nearly 1,000 gay male couples who had sex without condoms — where one partner had HIV and was taking drugs to suppress it — has found the treatment can prevent sexual transmission of the virus.

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