Homeless man receives hundreds of job interviews after tweet

we are back with a great stories about this man right here David casares he’s a web developer homeless out of a job but not for much longer is it turned out to be the perfect pitch for David casares it’s the photo that launched 200 job opportunities unemployed web developer David this sign homeless hungry for Success take a resume in his position I would want someone to help me after speaking to him for just a few minutes she shared his story on social media writing today I saw this young homeless man asking for people to take a resume rather than asking for money please RT so we can David out hundreds of job interviews port in from Top tech companies attitude on Twitter writing thank you everyone for the outpouring of support I’m glad to be an inspiration for you all because our is called it a make-or-break moment he says he wanted to keep his head up he was determined to find a job but this was his last stop if it didn’t work I’ll be headed home back to his family in Texas and I have to say just a little advice here Bitcoin versus Netflix Apple Google more options which is incredible look on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching
David Casarez, an unemployed web developer, handed out his resume on a Silicon Valley street and a stranger shared his story on social media.

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