Homemade guns the next frontier in gun control fight

with 200 3D printers Voodoo Manufacturing in Brooklyn can mass-produce everything from plastic machine parts to corporate swag but there’s one thing they want to do we will not print any weapons were firearms co-founder Jonathan Schwartz broke that policy for CBC today to show us just how easy it is to print a 3D gun after probably a couple hours of printing and getting the parts to fit together you can have a working firearm it’s untrue and aside from an optional metal insert it’s made from the same material as Lego you were to walk through metal detector with this right now you would not be detected 3D printed gun meant to make Firearms more accessible The Five-Year legal battle over the release of its blueprints ended this June when the trumpet ministration settled the case that would have allowed Wilson’s company to start publishing again plans for everything from a pistol to an AR-15 Washington New Jersey was one of the states that won today’s injunction these are guns that can be downloaded for Destruction by anyone fugitives felons terrorists violent offenders juveniles the mentally unstable even with the federal injunction announced today the plans are already out there as they have been for awhile available on plenty of other sites just like extremely early 2000 is very hard to regulate the distribution of digital files on the internet admits they can’t close Pandora’s Box that they have to try this is as much of fight about the future as it is the present and with the speed and I wrap nature of technological advancements were very concerned about the precedent here because the danger Steven D’Souza CBC News New York and tonight that 3D gun company has a greeted won’t post any new blueprints online until September while that Multistate lawsuit makes its way through the courts with Steven pointed out anyone who knew look on the internet could have made their own weapons for some five years and the US government admitted as much today at least since the year 2013 these CAD files is computer-assisted design files have been available online they’ve been legal for US citizens to actually download the plans were capable of manufacturing these so-called ghost gun need to have some skill to make them so many gun Advocates argue that if criminals really wanted gun there are easier ways than building one out of plastic the reality is it’s much easier to to go and buy a gun on the streets and the durability of 3D Firearms is question will take a look at this US law enforcement officials tested plastic guns and they fell apart after a single round was fired they’re not very durable and they really don’t work so experts say it isn’t likely they’ll be a rush of people trying to make their own guns of course if the plans are online people around the world could download them including in Canada pointing out that here is illegal to make or possess a firearm without a license and always keeping a close eye on the case in the United States what if you could quite literally photocopy a weapon and it would yeah it would be usable two to cause harm to other people that is a critical issue that law enforcement and governments are examining around the world Canadian to make their own 3D plastic guns time if they are convicted
Homemade guns made via 3D printing are the next frontier in the gun control fight. A U.S. federal judge blocked the publication of new blueprints for 3D guns — however other plans are already available if you know where to look. CBC News visited one manufacturing company in Brooklyn to see how the guns are made.

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