Hong Kong police and protesters clash in 13th straight weekend

Hong Kong police and protesters clash in 13th straight weekend
Hong Kong police and protesters clash in 13th straight weekend
Protesters in Hong Kong are not backing down this weekend and they’ve turned out in the thousands defying a ban on demonstrations to keep up their calls for justice. Today they endured perhaps their biggest class with authorities. Yes, police are using tear gas and water cannons to disperse. The crowds want to show you just a little bit of what it looks like from the ground is Adrienne Arsenault host of a national have the latest from the streets of Hong Kong. So this is a rare and slightly odd Paws in the night, the right place here in Causeway Bay, some of them – if you can see this, this officer’s weapon, has less lethal, are waiting. They frankly have no idea where the protesters are going to turn up next. What sort of trouble might follow remember this day started with people, believing that that the Met peaceful protest planned for today had been canceled police, and the authorities seem certain that that would encourage people to stay away the office. It seems to happen. The streets were full for most of the day and end of the Tetris moving a really organic way they show up in. In one neighborhood close to the legislative Council. Nothing happened for a while, it suddenly got very aggressive. Tear gas water cannons is using something you haven’t seen before, which is blue dye, bring spray to people, sort of Mark’s people who were the protesters and then, as night fell, they sort of moved into different neighborhoods each one. Having purpose statement for the police Quarters at one point, they went towards the Beijing liaison office that they sent a team to send a vehicle on fire, and then the riot police came at them very hard. We saw a number of injuries one in particular. That looks pretty serious, and now it is. This is holding pattern as it gets later and later into the night where the riot police know they have to just keep chasing these protesters, that the protesters have the advantage of being leaderless. They always say that they’re like water and they’re, very tech-savvy. Some of them are telling us that they’ve been using Pokemon, go and as a way to sort of Mark where the police are and end where the water cannons are, and that’s how they’re communicating with each other. This goes this. You know this is the question. Nobody seems to understand how to answer, because when you talk to these young protesters, some of them say they have filled out their Wills before coming onto the street. They just Hong Kong government completely misread the situation and seems to think it’s can just shut them up by telling them not to come to the streets, and it’s only making them angry or they know they’re a lot more resources that the Hong Kong government has they. They can block social media ban people from wearing masks. Even gas masks in the street. It doesn’t seem to deter the protesters at all certainly seems to make the riot police nervous. Here we go again we’re on the move. Once more ABC is Adrienne Arsenault co-host snow in Hong Kong,
Hong Kong police fired tear gas and used water cannons to spray demonstrators with blue-dyed water in the 13th straight weekend of protests. The pro-democracy protesters threw gasoline bombs in the latest clashes that have plunged the Chinese-ruled city into its worst political crisis in decades.

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