Hong Kong riot police clash with protesters at airport

Hong Kong riot police clash with protesters at airport
Hong Kong riot police clash with protesters at airport
Retreat retreat., as we understand it outside we needed some of those cleats Vons have left arrived. We don’t know that for sure, but Sidney something has to be processed. As you can see. Let’S crazy little children done that. So it would be a surprise to say the nice things would to come into the home phone International Airport. These protesters are very concerned about something the fighting scene. Cuz, it’s really chaotic, We heart, it looks like injured that are obviously we don’t know. What’S going on and where exactly are you paint a picture for where you are where these folks are kind of running from into what was saying at the moment is a count of people running in engine the weather that is potentially pepper spray? We simply don’t know we went outside and this happened, but that would be in keeping with what you would expect a reaction from have a Sprite to be protesters that I can write off to them. Whether or not this is an altercation on the office. Affect we simply pepper. Spray holder recall confirm that at this point, but Sydney something has happened outside to make these protesters run back in and just trying to have a look and see. If I can see anymore, please find out that it doesn’t still outside the app fire truck pedal, so some ambulances follow and where you are at well. Once again, you have to bear in mind that has inside this at 4 cuz, I haven’t managed to get on the plane, but if he’s waiting to get on the plane running towards the entrance of Hong Kong International Airport, these are remarkable scenes that are passengers in This airport yesterday protesters are all people who are waiting to get green and blue lasers, the princesses of string to use to put the fleece off, and you can see, at least for the time being interpret some kind of coming into the Hong Kong International Airport. This is not happened. This isn’t. This was a major escalation. If they come back and correct busiest airport, this is a massive transport. I didn’t believe this would happen. They have said, but they cool that they had. Several I didn’t come fall into. The Hong Kong Apple is that a show of force is that a sign that the wife is going to get to the protesters that they aren’t, that it’s just on this point. What this point does it seem now that the riot police are blocking any of the protesters from leaving almost barricade almost blocking any protester form even leaving the airport? Is that what’s happening? I don’t believe that blocking people from getting out to the end or the protesters of looking them from getting into the airport focusing on over the past few hours, and we all seen the fact that, if I can give it to outside, there appears to be moved By it be snow coming into get into position, we simply don’t know what they are going to be doing. I mean Chen still in the airport. This isn’t an airport, that’s been largely almost paralyzed for 2 days, as a protest have caused Airlines to cancel flight. But as you said, there were there passengers in the airport, Geneva country for 2 days now they have come both days. I’Ve met people in and that’s still not able to get on a flight, but the fact is, passengers are still coming, but I did see it from the Hong Kong authorities say that it should not come to Seattle, but obviously some not listening to that because last Night, just after midnight right now, you can still see people arriving at this Temple die in the arrival, so the bit tricky to shut down and people are still driving. This is, as you can see, function is happening at this airport, with people walking around with their luggage, and then you can’t see it because you’re in the middle of it, but we have another shot. It looks like from basically the riot police looking into where you are, and you can see Shields up helmets on clearly with pepper spray canisters in their hands, and it almost looks like I don’t know if it was an error, artificial kind of standing outside almost looking Like trying to hold back because it’s really an amazing split screen that we are looking at right now, what is happening where you are, and the riot police on the out side and then passengers kind of Milling about the airport in the level below you? It’S truly remarkable, I have to say this is one of the most surreal images might have seen. One way you see the buy a place, as you say, holding on to pepper spray. You look the other way down below and their families arriving in home homecoming homecoming for a holiday. It is simply some real on the ground floor, a functioning airport. This is an avoidance or butt up here, just one Flora in the departure, so it is held, it is very chaotic. They have seen the Wyatt place and it is so many people, but this is one of the busiest Transit hubs in the world last year. In the 8th busiest airport in the world and to have Riot place with pepper spray and whatever else they have just, I just have a Rivals as normal. It’S very unusual.
CNN’s Paula Hancocks is on the scene as clashes between protesters and riot police break out at Hong Kong’s international airport.
Protesters scrambled to set up barricades as police officers left the buses and entered the airport. Riot police appeared soon after, amassing outside the airport terminal and clashing with demonstrators.
The violence came after Hong Kong’s Airport Authority announced that all check-in services would be suspended for another night, due to terminal operations being “seriously disrupted.”

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