Hong Kong workers, students strike to oppose extradition law

Hong Kong workers, students strike to oppose extradition law
Hong Kong workers, students strike to oppose extradition law
The crowds no longer number in the millions but anger and Hong Kong still simmering over a controversial extradition bill now in limbo, demonstrators want it killed, and Hong Kong bleeder Carrie Lam gone assassin petrasek reports how to achieve all that, while they still have momentum before Dawn Monday morning, we’re blocked again, but because of a determined few, rather than a Mastiff Union member, showing their support student protesters, sleeping off an all-night vigil and From The finantial Towers nearby one hedge fund manager independently just not listen to Beijing. It was a far cry from Sunday’s Mass protest, with as many as two million people jammed Hong Kong score, demanding that it’s Chinese. Government plans for a law that would allow extradition to Mainland China applies just to spend those plans from Hong Kong’s leader isn’t good enough And neither is an apology for a cow Sheehan., the controversy about anymore. You have to make the contraction of the things. Some do worry whether they’ll be able to keep up the protest, maybe like after one week. They are already. I forgot about this issue or it seems that way: 2 million people a quarter of Hong Kong’s population is a lot of momentum. Now. The challenge for the damaja, the movement, is how to keep up the pressure to Channel all the anger and frustration of the past week into something the government can’t ignore or appease it’s not yet clear. How that’s going to happen. Bbc News, Hong Kong
Workers and students went on strike today in Hong Kong to oppose a heavily criticized law that would allow extraditions to China.

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