House Democrats react to impeachment meeting

House Democrats react to impeachment meeting
House Democrats react to impeachment meeting
To say Full Speed Ahead, there been a lot of egregious acts, but that there is nothing that compares to this. I made this. This is the president basically saying yes, I colluded what you going to do about it and we’re going to do something. Withhold us Aid when that country is being invaded right now by the Russians, unprecedented Chuck, so what’s new is that we have never been in a place like this before who was really somber in this building. When you come under this Dome everyday, sometimes you feel the full weight of American history and of your responsibilities and the oath you take are principles and laws to protect Americans to. But if we are not getting the information, we need to get to the bottom of how our president tried to fix the 2020 election. We got that information in time do not want to see this stamp of approval. We now moving forward with six investigative committee’s being led by the Intel committee, given the revelations that have taken place as a relates to the Whistleblower and the full resource. Each and every one of those 6 committees will be deployed to get to the bottom of what has happened in terms of this Lawless Administration.
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