How a Father Tells His Kids to Behave Around Police in ‘The Hate U Give’ | Anatomy of a Scene

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How a Father Tells His Kids to Behave Around Police in ‘The Hate U Give’ | Anatomy of a Scene
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My name is George Tillman Jr, and I am the director of the hate. U give we always call this seemed to talk. It was. The scene was actually in the middle of the book, but we decided very early on to move it at the top of the film. What I love about the scene SIUC a normal neighborhood with a lot of playing. It feels like a Saturday afternoon, but I cinematically wanted to move slowly towards this house to really show that why everyone is having a good time playing, there’s important business being done with the Carter family. The first guy we see is mad Carter. You see a guy who got braids and he got a tattoo. So your assumption is that this guy is a gang member he’s up to no good, but that’s the same sort of progress. I love her. I seen on his head and seeing, if he’s not, who you think it is a husband and he’s talking about something, that’s very serious issue that he’s telling put they hands on the table. You going to see me with my hands like this. What I love about the scene is that this feels like a normal conversation like somebody will have about the birds and the bees with their children. But this is the same as very new and a lot of African American families across the country, which is how I usually keep your kids safe. How do you get them to understand how to act around police officer she’s, all about a father protecting his family? The rehearsal for the scene was very important. They started off by rehearsing a scene with Lamar Johnson play seven and Amandla Stenberg and placed are they rehearse the scene but they’re not actually in this scene, but I only rehearsal with them, so they can has a backstory for them. Moving forward for the rest of the film, don’t you ever forget that being black is honor cuz, you come from greatness, but the young kids, who played the scene in the film I didn’t rehearse with him. I wanted to be on camera for the first time experiencing that it went so what we do we seeing three different kind of Dynamics in the scene is understanding the stuff taxi. What an African American family go through any other City. We seeing the five figure whose very present in the household and we stay in a relationship that shows a loving relationship between husband and wife, even though they’re disagreements, we still see a lot of
The opening scene from “The Hate U Give” starts out on a pleasant, lively day in a black neighborhood. But one family is indoors having an uncomfortable discussion. Maverick Carter (Russell Hornsby) is teaching his children what to do in the future if they get pulled over by police officers.

This scene comes later in Angie Thomas’s novel, on which the movie is based. But the director George Tillman Jr. said in an interview at the Toronto International Film Festival that he wanted to move the episode to the beginning of the story to establish a mood and set up the characters.

The older versions of two of the children seen here are played by the film’s star, Amandla Stenberg, and Lamar Johnson. But the two don’t appear this time. Mr. Tillman said he had the two rehearse the scene, so they would understand their characters’ back story. But he didn’t rehearse the actors taking part in the actual scene (Kai Ture and Hassan Welch), hoping for a genuine reaction from them as their screen father speaks. “The Hate U Give” opens in theaters Oct. 5.

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